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Disclaimer: this is how speed dating works with Dashing Date. This is super important because the truth is, most other companies do not operate the way we do! Everything described below is specific to how we think and specific to an event with us only.

If you want to meet someone, you need to be meeting more people — outside of your usual circle. And, for a busy professional like yourself, finding the time to do so can be challenging.

Speed dating solves this problem. It’s an opportunity to meet new people and to meet someone special. Can you think of any other social event or activity that guarantees you a room full of single men and women, all pre-screened, and in your preferred age group? That’s what speed dating has to offer.

For someone with limited time, who’s looking for a serious relationship, and who’s frustrated with online dating (please, no more ghosting in 2020), speed dating is the answer.

So, what is Speed Dating exactly?

Speed dating is an event. It’s an evening during which you’ll have the chance to meet and speed date with  (up to) 12 single men/women in a trendy, relaxed and organized environment.

One of the best parts about speed dating is that it’s designed to give everyone a chance. You’ll chat with each person at the event, one-on-one, for a few minutes. People love this because you won’t ever leave an event feeling like you missed your chance to meet someone you felt interested in, which happens often at other social outings.

One “speed date” lasts about 6 minutes, which is just enough time to decide if you felt a spark or are curious enough about the person to want to see them again.

Tell me more about the event and the people I'll meet

Girlfriend smiling. Beautiful girlfriend smiling while spending time with her loving man in bar

All events have a theme (seasonal or interest-specific) and each one is categorized by Life Stage and age group. We try our best to target singles who can easily find themselves a date but are having a hard time meeting the right kinds of people or simply don’t have the time to do so. Our screening process is a big part of this targeting but it’s important to understand that not everyone at the event will be a potential partner for you or be “your exact type”. We’re proud to welcome a diverse group of guests at our events, from interests and careers to appearance and backgrounds.

With that said, over time we have noticed commonalities among the singles in our community. Generally speaking, they are passionate about their hobbies and interests, they’re spiritual but not religious, they like to travel, they lead healthy lifestyles and like to keep active, and they are University-educated professionals.

Got it! So how does the event unfold?

The first thing to note is that each event is facilitated by one of our professional and experienced Event Hosts who will be there to greet you upon arrival and guide you through the evening.

Your event will take place in an inviting environment, usually a well-established restaurant or bar that’s centrally located within your city.

A typical speed dating event goes something like this:

1. You arrive, have a drink and chat with other guests until everyone gets there.
2. The Event Host announces a fun icebreaker game and explains how to play. The icebreakers are designed by our team and get everyone socializing!
3. Once you’ve broken the ice, the host explains how speed dating works.
4. Take a seat and your first date of the evening will join you!
5. After speed dating with about half the group, everyone takes a short break which can be used to stretch your legs, top off your drink, or freshen up.
6. Then, speed dating resumes and you’ll meet the rest of the guests.
7. After meeting everyone, take a few minutes to fill in your Date Card and indicate your level of interest in each person. The options are “Date”, “Coffee” or “Not Interested”.
8. Hand in your Date Card to the host before you leave.

The event wraps up shortly after the last speed date, but you’re more than welcome to stay and socialize – people often do! Once you get home, give yourself a pat on the back for doing something new and different. You’ll receive your matches by email within 24 hours – so, check your inbox!