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What's screening all about and why do we do it? A message from the owner...

“When I started Dashing Date, I knew that one of the key elements to a successful evening was a great crowd. To achieve this, it was essential to get to know the people who would be attending our events and – Voilà! Our screening process was born.

Screening is an initial step to becoming a Dashing Date member. It allows our team to get to know our clients and make sure we’re bringing singles together who share the same relationship goals.

The Dashing Date screening process has been one of the main attractions to our clients through the peace of mind that it offers. Over the years, it has lead to memorable dating experiences, countless long-term relationships and beautiful marriages.”

Get screened


Why do you screen members?

We take dating seriously. Screening allows us to get to know our members and invite them to events that we feel they are best suited for. We consider important variables such as Life Stage, lifestyle and relationship goals. By getting the right people to the right events, our members are much more likely to match with someone who would make a great partner for them.

What are the benefits of completing a screening profile?

  • Access to our exclusive events
  • To meet other pre-screened and approved members
  • To get invitations to preferred events specific to your personal interests
  • A more personalized Dashing Date experience
  • To learn about yourself and what you’re looking for*
*Our screening questionnaire has evolved over time. It’s designed not only for our team to get to know you, but for you to get to know you! Our carefully thought-out questions help our members find clarity on what matters to them most when it comes to dating and finding a partner. Unlike an online dating profile, this one is private! So one can express themselves openly and freely.

Why is screening important?

In addition to aiming for a certain caliber of guests at our events and a sincere interest in getting to know our members, there’s a safety component as well. Screening our members and having photos on file allows us to ensure that the person who we’ve approved beforehand, is in fact the person who’s attending the event.

What does the screening process entail?

Anyone interested in attending a Dashing Date event must first get screened which means completing our screening form (you must have an account first) which is similar to an online dating profile but, in our case, what you submit is absolutely private and will only be viewed by a few members from our team. You can learn everything about our screening process by clicking here.
Once your screening form is submitted, our team will review and approve it. You will be notified by email once it’s been approved.
We aim to approve screening forms as fast as possible. If you have an event coming up, your screening form will always be reviewed in a timely manner.

Does everyone who completes a screening profile get approved?

The short answer is no. There’s a difference between submitting your screening profile and being approved as a member.

Screening profiles are reviewed and individally approved by our team. If something is missing (like important information or photos) we’ll be in touch to make sure it gets completed first.

A big part of the screening process is to help us bring together a certain caliber of guests at each event. We aim for well-presented, (normal!), single professionals. You can visit our Life Stages to learn more about the type of people we look for and typically tend to attract.

Who sees the information submitted?

All screening forms are private and confidential and will only be viewed by our team. The information provided will only be used to enhance your overall Dashing Date experience.

Complete your screening profile now

Please note that we encourage all our members to operate with honesty and integrity. While we provide initial online screening, we do not take any responsibility for members who choose to misrepresent themselves.

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