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VIS-À-VIS Matchmaking

VIS-À-VIS Matchmaking is an affordable and personalized approach to meeting eligible single professionals that are vetted and hand-selected just for you by one of our experienced matchmakers. What makes us different is that we focus is on introductions!

We introduce you to quality singles you wouldn’t otherwise get the chance to meet.


A “VIS-À-VIS” is a digital dating experience where you get to meet potential matches one-on-one on video, from the comfort of your own home.

We know you’re tired of putting so much effort into dating and not seeing any results. Our digital dates save valuable time and make it super easy for you to finally prioritize your dating life. No more planning your whole night around a bad first date or having to waste time swiping and filtering through all the online dating clutter.

What our clients love most about VIS-À-VIS is that we only work with people that we’re SO excited to set up! Memberships are short-term and work on a pay-per-date model, allowing lots of flexibility and an overall relaxed and low pressure approach to dating.

You’re ready to share your life with someone and our goal is to make the journey fun, seamless and rewarding.

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This service currently caters to single professionals in Montreal, Toronto & Ottawa.


Will VIS-À-VIS Introduce me to my soulmate?

We hope so as much as you! The dates selected for you are absolutely based on your preferences and the likeness of compatibility. But even two people who sound perfect for each other on paper need to meet to see if there are any sparks. It’s a tale as old as time.

We know that too many empty promises have been made when it comes to Matchmaking. The truth is, no one can guarantee love between two humans. Have you ever said to yourself or heard someone say “They’re perfect for me, but something just doesn’t feel right!” This happens all the time and that’s what makes finding love so special.

VIS-À-VIS Matchmaking focuses on Introductions. We introduce you to people that you have the potential to connect with, the rest is up to the Chemistry Gods.

WHO IS VIS-À-VIS Matchmaking FOR?

Are you tired of…

  • Wasting time on dating apps
  • Baaaaad dates
  • Not meeting the caliber of people you identify with
  • Meeting people that aren’t serious
  • Dishonesty and being mislead
  • Dwindling conversations that lead nowhere

If so, VIS-À-VIS Matchmaking is for YOU. We know you’re ready to be in a serious relationship and it’s tough because the dating scene today just doesn’t accommodate your preferred lifestyle. Not only do we want to make dating easier for you but we want you to enjoy the process. That means a low pressure approach, a relaxed environment and quality matches!

How does the digital date work?

Your digital date begins right at your doorstep! All dates are arranged for you from A to Z and take place on video, right from the comfort of your own home.

No more planning your whole evening around one date, no more sitting in traffic or looking for parking and, best of all, no more footing the bill for a date you didn’t enjoy. Digital first dates make it easy to know if it’s worth meeting in person or not.

Dates take place on Zoom and other well-known video-chat platforms. Each date is 30 to 45 minutes long.

Will I see photos of my dates beforehand?

VIS-À-VIS Matchmaking is a blind date service. Photos are not exchanged beforehand, and here’s why: Chemistry and attraction don’t happen through a photograph – the blind aspect is part of the appeal!

Our Matchmaking Clients trust our team of professional, passionate and experienced matchmakers. Our focus is on having you meet someone whom you will not only be attracted to but also have a connection with based on compatibility. All your preferences, including physical, are taken into account when selecting a match for you.

This service is purposely designed to not be like traditional online dating.

How much does it cost?

Unlike other matchmaking companies that charge thousands of dollars upfront, VIS-À-VIS is meant to be a fair and affordable service and primarily works on a pay-per-date basis. This model allows you to only pay for the dates that you’re interested in going on and holds our team accountable to sending you on quality dates.

Memberships are available for either 3 months, 6 months or 9 months at a time.

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To maintain the quality of VIS-À-VIS Matchmaking, we only work with clients that we're excited to set up and who align with our dating values. Let's get to know each other!

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