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Hey Gentlemen! 👋🏼 As a highly-acclaimed Love Expert, I’ve been passionately guiding professional men like you on their journey to love for over 10 years. 

Browse my coaching programs below 👇🏽

PROGRAM 1 | $1,500 USD

Find Your Forever Person 🔥

“I finished the FYFP course about 2 weeks ago. Definitely was a game changer” – Vijay, 27

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This one-of-a-kind opportunity has helped hundreds of men like you find their forever person and transform your love life at a profound level. 

📝 Self-study
⏳ Learn at your own pace
💻 8 Pre-recorded sessions

PROGRAM 2 | $1,895 USD

The Full Package 💞


“I am officially in a relationship with someone I’ve met at the beginning of the year!
Thanks again for all your help” – Vince, 29

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*New* Hybrid Program! 🙌

The best of both words, my flagship course + personal coaching with me. Here’s everything you get:

💻️ Our Find Your Forever Person Dating Course (8 pre-recorded session).
👥 2 Private Coaching Sessions
📱 1 Month of WhatsApp Support

PROGRAM 3 | $1,200 USD / MONTH

Private 1:1 Coaching🤝

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Private coaching is a 6-month high-touch experience consisting of 12 one-on-one sessions (bi-weekly).

If you desire a highly personalized journey and are ready to go deep and connect with your most authentic self, this will pave the way for remarkable shifts in dating, love, and beyond.

Limited availability.


Confidence King 👑

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No Dating Experience? Don’t let your insecurities hold you back any longer! During this popular Masterclass, you’ll learn proven and effective strategies to enhance your self-confidence so you can start dating again.

📝 Self-study
⏳ Learn at your own pace
💻 5 Mini-Workshops

PROGRAM 5 | $555 USD

Dating App Warrior ⚔️

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Frustrated with dating apps? No worries, I got you! Start matching with quality women in just 3 hours with my exclusive online dating course.

📝 Self-study
⏳ Learn at your own pace
💻 2 Pre-recorded sessions

PROGRAM 6 | $1,200 USD

'Done For You' Dating Profile Creation

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This package includes 5 Dynamic Dating Profiles™ that are 100% personalized and interchangeable that you’ll easily copy and paste right into your dating app.

It also includes a 45 minute, 1:1 coaching session where Coach Kavita will walk you through your brand new package and teach you our trade secrets of keeping your profile looking shiny and new.