A fun and unique evening out for today's modern single


MAY 2020

“It’s upbeat, simple and stress free!” – Viv, 31, Montreal

“The other guests were fun and easy to talk to. The digital is a great concept! I hope you keep it going long after Covid is over.” – Leanne, 32, Montreal

“During these trying times, it is so hard to connect to others as a single person. The video speed dating was a nice way to feel like you are socializing and I had 3 follow-up dates with different matches. What a perfect ending to a perfect event!” – Elena, 36, Montreal

“Thank you Kavita, Malaika and Ashley for creating the platform and providing super friendly support. I loved it! Looking forward to the next event. “ – Antalla, 35, Toronto

“If you are open-minded and willing to see where the evening takes you then try Dashing Date. You are guaranteed great conversations and interesting people.” – Philippe, 40, Vancouver

“I attended the digital event, it was my first ever speed dating experience. Nice selection of people!” – Vince, 37, Toronto

“The host was friendly and enthusiastic! The event was very well organized and well run. I definitely appreciated the conversation starters. I attended one of the first digital events and the improvements have been enormous! Thank you for continuing to organize these events and improving them as you go!” – Karina, 36, Ottawa

“I love that this event was in the morning! The brunch theme was lovely. Now we have the rest of the day to enjoy! Thank you.” – Vessa, 32, Calgary

“The technology worked well and made the evening go smoothly. It was expertly organized and the women were attractive and all professionals. Very impressed overall” – Dimitri, 39, Ottawa

“The whole Dashing Date experience is great. The people are awesome and friendly and it’s so much better than online dating.” – Amanda, 33, Toronto

“Very well done. And amazing how fast your team made these online events happen. Bravo and thank you” – Prisilla, 35, Montreal

“I was not sure what to expect, it was actually a lot of fun. It worked well on zoom. The guys were all new to me (I attended one event last year). It was also cool to see some people from close by cities attend!” – Emma, 32, Toronto

“It was fun, no pressure, and well executed! Great job! – Jamie, 37, Toronto

“It was efficient, easy to meet people the host was upbeat and friendly.” – William, 40, Toronto

“It was easy to join and participate in. The host was good and the platform/separate rooms worked well on Zoom.” – Shane, 42, Ottawa

“I wasn’t sure how this would go, but thought, ok, just give it a shot – it might be a new way to meet someone when of course, the usual chances are gone because of Covid. It was a very positive experience. Please keep doing this! I hope to meet someone romantically but if not I’d be really happy to make a new friend! – Mel, 30, Calgary

“I like the virtual approach. People were more focused on getting to know each other than at the in-person events. I liked the quality of dates. Lots of professionals!” – Shera, 32, Montreal

“I was skeptical about a digital event on Zoom but I actually enjoyed this one more than the bar events!” – Vincenzo, 36, Calgary

“I have done another digital dashing date beginning of April. I really loved the improvements you guys have made since the last one!! Great job!” – Jess, 29, Calgary

“This was a really a great experience for me. You guys are doing great, keep it up!” – Jeffrey, 37, Toronto

“The event was engaging and participants were pleasant. The host was super nice and had great energy!.” – Geeta, 31, Vancouver

“Good information at every step. Ease of experience. Never done this before and it felt good, authentic. Thank you!” – Asher, 41, Montreal

“Wonderful, kind, warm host. Made me feel at-home (no pun intended, lol) after a long hiatus of not speed dating. Dates were all down-to-earth and easy to talk to. What I really liked about the Zoom experience is that, though meeting people remotely, it’s more relaxed than in-person and actually felt less worried about “just being myself.”” – Marco, 42, Vancouver

“Dashing Date offers a fun, personal, interactive and enjoyable way to meet new people and an opportunity to meet that special someone who could end being your life partner! Well organized and professional events. Thanks for the digital offering!” – Brad, 38, Montreal

“Wow ! I had such a good time. Even through a screen, the Host managed to put us at ease with her fun vibe. The speed daters were a wonderful group of single women!” – Michael, 51, Montreal

“Great option to in-person speed dating! Was nice t to do something “socially” during covid19 and meet other singles and get out of your comfort zone. – Aleem, 32, Calgary

“Very well organized, great host, most men were interesting. Such a good way to meet new people!” – Joanne, 29, Toronto

“For my first time attending this event, I loved it and I would attend more events like this” – Fred, 32, Toronto

“Great experience, something different to try. The process was well explained” – Valerie, 42, Montreal

“This was fun. I’ve been feeling lonely during the pandemic and this took me out of my own head and gave me the joy of chatting with new people. Regular dating apps are tough for meeting people. But here, you’re guaranteed fun, in-person conversations. Plus, the women were smart, interesting professionals, so the conversations were extra informative and fulfilling. This is a great to remind myself that great people are still out there, so don’t be nervous about trying it – It’s just short, fun conversations with new people, with no pressure. Maybe you’ll meet someone awesome.” – Josh, 45, Toronto

“It was great, simple, nice conversation. Get to socialize at home, it’s the perfect combination. Good job Team.” – Aretusa, 44, Toronto

“I’m a newbie! It was fun and different.” – Arolin, 36, Toronto

“I think this video speed dating brings back a better connection than conventional online dating. This is actual conversation with inflection and facial gestures and expressions. I recommend this kind of event for everyone to try at least once. It opens up a new way to date.” – Connie, 48, Ottawa

“Over all, the virtual event was good. Organized. Perky Host. Didn’t have to commute downtown. Bathroom is close (lol). Nice to meet women in the comfort of home. Next best thing to an in-person event. – Wayne, 46, Toronto

“Awesome digital experience…better than dating apps. Worth trying!!” – Dan, 49, Montreal

APRIL 2020

“Keep these digital events coming! They’re so fun!” – Subodh, 32, Toronto

“These events provide a great way to connect with others even during this time. Plus you don’t need to plan for travel time… it’s all done from the comfort of your own home!.” – Jody, 40, Ottawa

“The digital event was great! I loved the format and meeting like minded, local people!” – James, 38, Toronto

“Initially, I was unsure about signing up for a virtual event, and I hesitated many times to pull the trigger! I’m so glad I did! It was great – the host was really awesome and meeting everyone was so much fun!” – Dominque, 44, Ottawa

“I made myself a”quaratini” and had a great time! Everyone was nice and open and it was a lot of fun!” – Jessica, 31, Calgary

“This was a great experience! The amount of time for each date was just right and I would do it again. I’d definitely recommend DD’s digital events to my friends.” – Nikola, 29, Vancouver

“Thanks for coming up with this idea to connect people during this hard time!” – Matt, 36, Vancouver

“I appreciate that Dashing Dates is being creative in connecting people online at this time. I think the concept is excellent and it was very well executed.” – Cristina, 39, Vancouver

“It’s so great that Dashing Date has a digital dating option. I really appreciate the ability to meet people from the comfort of my home!” – Jen, 41, Montreal

“I really enjoyed the experience. I’m happy that we can still meet people during these difficult times.” – Rich, 42, Toronto

“It was fun to talk and get to know people with all of us comfortable at home. It was fun, easy and the whole experience felt effortless” – Trisha, 34, Toronto

“If online dating is wearing you out, or you want to try something some new, try speed dating at one of Dashing Date’s digital events; it’s different and it’s fun! Such a great way to meet people!” – Randy, 35, Ottawa

“Given the crazy time we’re living in, I never thought I’d be able to meet new people. Everyone was relaxed and very engaging. Highly recommend!” – Derek, 45, Calgary

“The virtual events are actually better than in person! So much fun and easy! Loved it!” – Adriana, 38, Montreal

“It’s perfect a way to meet new people fast.” – Alisia, 30, Calgary

“This was my second time participating in a digital dating event with Dashing Date. It feels so good to connect and meet people while everyone is in their element and comfortable in their homes! I made some great connections.” – Sameer, 38, Toronto

“This was way more fun than I was expecting! Low pressure, an interesting group of people, and the theme was a great icebreaker.” – Christina, 29, Ottawa

“The digital event went so smoothly and each event I go to is equally as fun! It’s so nice to be able to connect with new people in these trying times.” – Dominique, 33, Toronto

“I really enjoyed my first digital dating experience with Dashing Date. I’ll definitely be doing it again.” – Laura, 36, Montreal

“I would suggest people who are nervous about speed dating to try a digital dating event by Dashing Date! It’s so much fun speed dating from the comfort of your own home.” – Pauline, 34, Vancouver

“I did 2 online speed-dating events tonight! They were for different cities, but I’m a digital nomad, so I don’t need to be tied down to a location, and online speed dating gave me a great chance to meet people in different locations. Both events were super fun! Thanks for a fun Saturday night during quarantine, Dashing Date! I recommend that everyone try it!” – Josh, 46, Ottawa

“The event went a lot more smoothly than I expected. The conversations were so good, I didn’t even realize the time fly by!” – Dom, 38, Ottawa

March 2020

“Every single girl in Montreal must try Dashing Date! The whole experience is fun, just the way dating should be. From the stylish venues, the organizers of the event to dashing daters, they all compliment each other.” – Jess, 32, Montreal

“Just want to say I was very impressed by the event, the fact there was a sheet of openers, the quality attendees, and just the overall organization of the event. I did a speed dating event a year and a half ago through another company and was very turned off the whole experience and this was a much more positive experience.”  – Marie, 32, Toronto

“For my first-time speed-dating, it exceeded my expectations” – Erinn, 46, Toronto

“Absolutely fun and interesting once you get past the initial nerves!” – Austin, 39, Calgary

“I had the best time tonight. Very fun, nice people and a great venue. All the women were fun, beautiful and had great personalities. I hope I don’t need to do this again but if I do, I will be on your list. Thank you!” – Paul, 48, Vancouver

“… the one-on-one is fantastic compared to online dating. It gives you a good way to start the night and saves you time! The cocktail and appetizers during the event was a nice touch.” – Andre, 48, Ottawa

“Well organized. Ice breaker activity is a nice touch. Host was super duper!” – Kev, 38, Montreal

“I met my boyfriend at a Dashing Date speed dating event about 9 months ago. I see where the company gets its name from, as I found the event to be very classy, and the men were very well dressed.” – Debbie, 35, Ottawa

“DD provides the space and the start off…it’s up to you to make it a wonderful experience. Thank you for a night that I will always remember…” – Dara, 45, Montreal

“Dashing date brings together a mix of highly intellectual, fun and engaging dating candidates! If you’re looking for great conversation, this is where you will find it.” – Eleni, 30, Toronto

“Driving in the bad weather to the event was worth it to meet some nice people and a lovely host. A nice experience overall.” – Issa, 46, Montreal

“Dashing Date is a very well organized entity. It offers a very pleasant alternative to internet dating. Even if you don’t find your ‘match’ on a particular evening, Dashing Date makes speed-dating a lot of fun..” – Blake, 54, Ottawa

“I enjoyed the event. Very well organized. Great ice breakers.” – Leah, 36, Toronto

“Go for the experience. It’s good practice for the real world if you’re shy. You can build your skills to connect with someone new! It’s a controlled and relaxed environment, everyone is probably just as nervous as you but more importantly they are also there for probably similar reasons as you.” – Peter, 34, Calgary

“Great experience, life is about taking chances” – Jon, 42, Calgary

“It was super fun! I was pleasantly surprised!” – Lara, 32, Montreal

“It’s a great way to meet people in real life to see if there’s a connection. And also very efficient!” – Anna, 32, Toronto

“I am happy with my night , Very happy. The only one small complaint was the room was a but small for the number of people. But I still loved it ! and I would do it again at the same venue if I had to. Thank you Dashing Date for being a Classy Company that puts together great events.” – Mike, 50, Montreal

“Great host and venue. Great people as well. everything was well organized and fun (time flew very fast)” – Mark, 32, Calgary

“It’s a fun night. You get to socialize with different men all in one night. The experience is much better then online dating site.” – Jenn, 45, Ottawa