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“Just want to say I was very impressed by the event, the fact there was a sheet of openers, the quality attendees, and just the overall organization of the event. I did a speed dating event a year and a half ago through another company and was very turned off the whole experience and this was a much more positive experience.”  – Marie, 32, Toronto

“For my first-time speed-dating, it exceeded my expectations” – Erinn, 46, Toronto

“Absolutely fun and interesting once you get past the initial nerves!” – Austin, 39, Calgary

“I had the best time tonight. Very fun, nice people and a great venue. All the women were fun, beautiful and had great personalities. I hope I don’t need to do this again but if I do, I will be on your list. Thank you!” – Paul, 48, Vancouver

“… the one-on-one is fantastic compared to online dating. It gives you a good way to start the night and saves you time! The cocktail and appetizers during the event was a nice touch.” – Andre, 48, Ottawa

“Well organized. Ice breaker activity is a nice touch. Host was super duper!” – Kev, 38, Montreal

“I met my boyfriend at a Dashing Date speed dating event about 9 months ago. I see where the company gets its name from, as I found the event to be very classy, and the men were very well dressed.” – Debbie, 35, Ottawa

“DD provides the space and the start off…it’s up to you to make it a wonderful experience. Thank you for a night that I will always remember…” – Dara, 45, Montreal

“Dashing date brings together a mix of highly intellectual, fun and engaging dating candidates! If you’re looking for great conversation, this is where you will find it.” – Eleni, 30, Toronto

“Driving in the bad weather to the event was worth it to meet some nice people and a lovely host. A nice experience overall.” – Issa, 46, Montreal

“Dashing Date is a very well organized entity. It offers a very pleasant alternative to internet dating. Even if you don’t find your ‘match’ on a particular evening, Dashing Date makes speed-dating a lot of fun..” – Blake, 54, Ottawa

“I enjoyed the event. Very well organized. Great ice breakers.” – Leah, 36, Toronto

“Go for the experience. It’s good practice for the real world if you’re shy. You can build your skills to connect with someone new! It’s a controlled and relaxed environment, everyone is probably just as nervous as you but more importantly they are also there for probably similar reasons as you.” – Peter, 34, Calgary

“Great experience, life is about taking chances” – Jon, 42, Calgary

“It was super fun! I was pleasantly surprised!” – Lara, 32, Montreal

“It’s a great way to meet people in real life to see if there’s a connection. And also very efficient!” – Anna, 32, Toronto

“I am happy with my night , Very happy. The only one small complaint was the room was a but small for the number of people. But I still loved it ! and I would do it again at the same venue if I had to. Thank you Dashing Date for being a Classy Company that puts together great events.” – Mike, 50, Montreal

“Great host and venue. Great people as well. everything was well organized and fun (time flew very fast)” – Mark, 32, Calgary

“It’s a fun night. You get to socialize with different men all in one night. The experience is much better then online dating site.” – Jenn, 45, Ottawa