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July 2018 – This Just In…

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JULY 2018



Even though Dashing Date is all about human-connection, your online presence (or lack thereof) can have a major impact on your dating life. If you are having some difficulty meeting someone, try developing more of an online presence. The fact of the matter is, everyone googles everyone and if you’re a ghost online… people don’t like it…. ghosts are scary ! So take time to put some thought into it this month. How you go about it in terms of how much you choose to share or keep low key is totally up to you but! Know that offering some insight into your life using social media platforms can help you meet more people, expand your network and, therefore, result in more dates!

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Upcoming Events: 

1. Saturday, July 7th is BAHAMA MAMA Speed Dating, for men and women ages 40+ in Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa. Click here for details.

2. Wednesday, July 11th is THE SUMMER EVENT Speed Dating, for multiple age groups in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver. Click here for details.

Most Popular Recent Instagram Post: 

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Advice from a flamingo:

1. Wade into life
2. Stand out in a crowd
3. Spend time with your flock
4. Find the right balance
5. Show your true colour

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Media Coverage: THE BREAKDOWN!



If you missed out on our Montreal Dating Talkshop™ about the ups and downs associated with online dating, don’t fret! Grab a cup of coffee and read this detailed review, by Avril Magazine. (Please note, the article is in French! But google chrome and other browsers have an auto-translator if needed).

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The Quote We’re Still Thinking About: “GO WITH THE WAVES” – Life is not always going to go as you planned – tides change and things go in different directions. You can’t stop the waves from happening, but you can learn to move with them. They may not take you in the direction that you planned, but they will take you exactly where you need to be. – Bryan Anthony

LETS TALK! There’s nothing like real human interaction. Did you try the challenge? Do you have questions? Want to share a thought or suggestion?

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