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September 2019 – This Just In…

September 2019 – This Just In…

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This month’s challenge is to APPLY YOUR TRAVEL SKILLS TO DATING!

Believe it or not, travel and dating have a lot in common! Think about the principles that have contributed to your best travel experiences and apply them to your dating life.

Here are 3 tips to get you off the ground:

1. Pack light! Heavy bags can affect your vacation. They weigh you down, cost you extra and it’s just too much stuff. The same goes for dating. It’s OK to have stuff – we all do – but it doesn’t mean it has to go everywhere you go. So, deal with your baggage first. Doing the inner-work and taking the time needed to heal will allow you to make the most of your relationships.

2. Go somewhere new! Found a vacation destination you absolutely love? It can be tempting to go back again and again. But exploring a new place will result in growth, discovery and new experiences. Think about dating the same way and start to switch up your weekly routines. Consider what new places or activities you can explore that will result in (personal) growth, discovering (new people) and creating new (dating) experiences.

3. Allow yourself to get lost! One of the most beautiful things about travel is getting lost in an amazing city and seeing where you end up. It’s an adventure! Take this same approach when meeting someone who isn’t normally your type or, better yet, consciously seek out someone different and embrace the unknown. You just may end up somewhere magical.

Bon voyage!


Tons of events are coming up this September! Including some awesome brand new themes. Here’s what’s happening:

September 11th & 12th at 7:30PM: WANDERLUST! Our most popular event of the year is back! We’ve set out to bring together lovers of travel for an evening of exotic conversations and budding romances.
Details: Click here
Cities: Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver & Calgary
Life Stages: Ready for Love, Curious & Courageous and Happy & Wise.

September 28th at 2:30PM: PUPPY LOVE! We’re pawsitively excited to announce our first-ever speed dating event for dog lovers. At this event you’ll meet other singles who love to run, walk, play, and snuggle with four-legged family members.
Details: Click here
Cities: Montreal, Toronto & Ottawa.
Life Stage: Ready for Love

September 28th at 7:30PM: PROUD PARENTS! We’re thrilled to announce another new theme… our first-ever speed dating event for single parents (and those who’d like to meet a single parent)! At this event, you’ll enjoy stimulating conversations and some well-deserved “me-time”.
Details: Click here
Cities: Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver & Calgary
Life Stage: Fantastic Forties


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On August 23rd, we shared our 5 best tips on re-entering the dating scene after divorce or after a long time.
Watch the segment HERE.

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The Quote We’re Still Thinking About: “I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way” — Carl Sandburg

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