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  • Screening Info & F.A.Q.

    We screen to ensure the best dates for our clients

You’re picky about who you date. It only makes sense that we should be picky about who you date too.

Screening F.A.Q.

Why do you screen clients?

Dating is personal and we treat it as such. Screening allows us to get to know our clients and invite you to events that you are best suited for, based on your age group and interests among other factors. By getting the right people to the right events, you’re much more likely to match with someone.

What does screening entail?

Similar to an online dating profile, clients that wish to attend an event must first complete a short questionnaire telling us a little bit about yourself and uploading some recent photos. The profile is private and will only be viewed by our team.

Why is screening important?

It’s important to us that we know who is at our events. Having photos of our members and screening them beforehand allows us to ensure that the person who signed up for the event is in fact the person who attends the event.

Can anyone who completes screening attend an event?

Part of the screening process is for us to ensure a certain caliber of people at each event. We aim for well-presented, (normal!), single professionals. If someone presents themselves inappropriately or in a way we don’t see fit, they would not be accepted as a Dashing Date member.

What happens when someone buys a ticket but never completes their screening?

We try our absolute best to make sure that every guest has completed a screening profile with us. If for any reason we are unable to, even after multiple reminders, we contact them by phone. If we are absolutely unable to reach someone or have any reason to believe they should not be at our events, they are notified in advance and refunded.


Dashing Date is based on screening their members to ensure the best dates for their clients.  We operate with honesty and integrity and encourage our members to do the same. While we provide initial online screening, Dashing Date does not take any responsibility for members who chose to misrepresent themselves.

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