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May 2020 – This Just In…

May 2020 – This Just In…

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Your challenge this month is to develop a protocol on what it means for YOU to be a good single.

Most people dating today have run into some type of, excuse our language, shitty behaviour or unpleasant experience on the dating scene.

We all know this needs to stop. But how?

There’s a “how-to” guide for almost anyone. How to be a good mom, friend, boyfriend, employee, boss… just fill in the blank.

But what does it take to be a good single?

We believe there’s a protocol all singles can follow that would lead to many of the changes the dating world so desperately needs.

It is possible to BE that change and it’s time to lead by example.

Whether on the giving or receiving end, what are some of the things that you know should never be repeated when it comes to dating? Take some time to think about this and start to develop your protocol, the set of rules that you will follow and standby as long as you are single.

Here are just a few key items on our list:

RIP ghosting
From this point forward, I will no longer ghost anyone. If I’m not interested in someone, I’ll tell them.

Close the loop on all conversations
If I’ve been ghosted, I’ll politely close the loop on the conversation and wish the ghoster well. My wishes will be sincere and genuine.

Ask for permission
Be it a kiss, a date or to just add someone on Facebook – I will ask first.

Don’t take rejection personally
Someone doesn’t have to like me, just because I’ve made the decision to like them. I am not meant to be with everyone I show interest in. Nobody owes me anything.

Don’t be a bad breaker-upper
I will end things in a way that honours the relationship I had with someone, no matter how fleeting.

We’ll be diving deeper into this topic at our Facebook Live event on May 2nd. More info later in this newsletter.


Watch this 90 second video to learn more about our new digital events!

Introducing Dashing Date @ Home! Another month of virtual events…

We’ve had pajama and beach parties, cocktail hours and even morning brunches – all on video. And you know what, it’s been a blast! If you haven’t tried our digital events yet… what are you waiting for!

Ready for your digital debut? Click here to learn more or see what events are coming up by clicking on your city below.


Our digital events are for our Ready for Love Life Stage, ages 30-42 (give or take). After the testing period, we will open up the events to more Life Stages. If you’re interested, please reply to this email to let us know!

What people are saying about our digital events!

video chat phone only white couple

“It was fun to talk and get to know people with all of us comfortable at home. It was fun, easy and the whole experience felt effortless. – Trisha, Toronto

“I appreciate that Dashing Dates is being creative in connecting people online at this time. I think the concept is excellent and it was very well executed. ” – Mark, Vancouver

“It’s the perfect a way to meet new people fast. – Alisia, Calgary

“It’s actually better than in person! So much fun and so easy! Loved it!” – Adrian, Ottawa


Fb Lives May featured wordpress

Next-Level Dating Tips on Saturday Mornings

Get ready for another month of dating tips on Saturdays with your morning cup of joe!

The response to our Facebook Lives last month was fantastic! So much so that we’ve planned to hit the “stage” again for the next four weeks.

Mark your calendars and come join Matchmaker, Dating Strategist and Dashing Date owner, Kavita Ajwani, as she shares her top dating tips and strategies directly with you! We will welcome more special guests  this month too.

Here’s the schedule:

May 2nd at 10:30 AM: “How To Be A Good Single”

May 9th at 6PM [Special evening edition]: “LIVE Q&A! Get Your General And Specific Dating Questions Answered By An Expert”

May 16th at 2PM: “Getting Back Into The Dating Scene After Quarantine – A Fresh Start”

May 23rd at 6:00 PM: Topic TBA

Want to make sure you're at the next one? Here's everything you need to know.

  • You can easily access these live videos from our Facebook Page. Here’s the link: www.Facebook.com/DashingDate

  • It’s all free!

  • Since our page is public, you don’t have to have a Facebook account to come watch, just be on the page at the start time.

  • You can invite your friends to watch along with you.

  • Watching in real time is super valuable as you can get your questions answered by Kavita and engage with other viewers.



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If you tried a monthly challenge, were inspired by something we shared, or there’s something specific you’d like to see more of from us, there’s nothing like real human interaction. So, LET’S TALK! Send us an email and a real human from our team will be happy to connect with you.

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