Dating Coach for Men

Well, hello!

We’ve been waiting for you.

Take a deep breath and be present. There is a reason the universe, and Internet Gods, have landed you right here, right now. Have a gander at why that might be?

Perhaps we can help you on this spiritual path to discovering why one must try speed dating. Let’s begin with a few undeniable reasons:


1. Human connection is everything

Human connection is an innate need that lies at the core of our being. We need to, more than ever before, make a conscious effort to interact with each other, in person.

2. Chemistry doesn't happen in a photo

Chemistry happens in person. You will never know if you’re truly compatible with someone until you meet face to face. This is what Speed Dating is all about. You’re going to an event. You’re going to meet other people, in real life, over cocktails. It brings the human element back to the dating scene, something that is in dire need of a comeback.

3. Your phone needs a night off

Swiping, clicking and staring at a screen is not dating. Put the phone away, be present in your surroundings and meet real people #NoScreensAttached.

4. Switching up your routine is key

Work, Gym, Tinder, Repeat. It’s easy to fall into a repetitive day-to-day cycle and it can feel a little too comfortable at times. Trying something new and stepping out of your comfort zone is a must if you want new results to surface.

5. Your time is valuable

‘Being busy’ has become second nature. Just living day to day doesn’t always leave enough time for dating. Speed dating is one of few opportunities where you get to meet a number of eligible singles, all in one evening.

6. New connections matter

If you want to meet someone, replenishing your contact list is so important. Speed Dating is not about meeting your soulmate, but rather expanding your single social circle. The more people you meet, the likelier you are to stumble across that special someone.

7. Why the heck not?

Sometimes doing things just for the hell of it, without having to be so logical, can be where the magic happens, pun intended!

Still need more? Why didn’t you just ask?


Practice makes permanent

Just like any skill, you can get better and ultimately really good at dating. And the best way to start? GO ON DATES! Not everyone you meet needs to maybe be “the one”. Speed Date to practice your approach, improve your communication and get comfortable on the dating scene. Soon, you will have mastered important social skills that will be a tremendous help in the long term.


Get to know YOU

Dating more helps you understand what you are looking for in a potential partner and experiment with your approach. Speed Dating is an excellent way for you to gauge who you attract and how your approach is being received.


Spoil Yourself

A number of dates all in one evening? You should be thrilled this is even an option.