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    A glimpse at how our Dashing Daters feel about our events!


Classy events!

I met my boyfriend at a speed dating event organized by Dashing Date about 9 months ago. I see where the company gets its name from, as I found the event to be very classy, and the men were very well dressed. I actually had a cold that week, but decided to go anyway. I almost lost my voice that night, but it was worth it!

Debbie32, Ottawa

"An Experience I'll Never Forget"

I attended an event in Ottawa on Valentine’s Day.  This was the first time I’ve ever been to a speed dating event. I just wanted to say I never imagined, in 7 minutes, that I could meet the girl of my dreams. I met the most kind, caring, loving, beautiful woman at this event that I never thought I’d ever meet.  It was an experience I’ll never forget.  I look back and realize how lucky I am.  I can’t thank Dashing Date enough for the opportunity I’ve had to meet this person!

Graham35, Ottawa

"Very Happy!"

I have known Dashing Date since its beginning more than 4 years ago. I had tried a few speed dating services prior to trying Dashing, since then it’s the only one I go to when I want to meet interesting and attractive people. They do such a wonderful job organizing, choosing great locations, pre-screening the participants and picking themes all leading to great evenings. There is nothing quite like meeting someone when you have that instant attraction, something you can’t do on phone apps. Thanks to Dashing, I’m currently in a relationship and very happy!

Denis39, Montreal

"Break the ice!"

I had been on online websites for some time and always found that for the time and money invested, there was very little return ( emails, dates etc). First dates were always hard when you’ve met online, you imagine how the person will be but it is never exactly as you picture.

I decided to change the formula and went to dashing date. At least you break the ice right away! At first, I was very nervous and wondered what I was doing there. Stephanie was the last girl I met during the event. We had met a lot of people in the same situation as us, hard working 30-somethings, struggling to meet someone and find something meaningful.

The dashing date staff was very entertaining and professional. The event was short and sweet. I’m happy to say that Stephanie and I are now madly in love with one another, she just flew across the globe to meet my family!

I encourage all of you, who sometimes wonder what speed dating is about, to try it at least once. Because Stephanie and I both thought : That’s the last place I will meet someone.

Think twice . Happy dating!

Marc35, Montreal

"A win-win!"

After attending a couple of Dashing Date events, I must say that I’m really impressed with Kavvita and how she organizes the events. Her hospitality and choice of participants are top notch. Even if you don’t meet the “right” person, you would at least have a great outing in town with plenty of nice conversations with interesting people. It’s a win-win situation.


"A fun experience!"

Every single girl in Montreal must have Dashing date on her to-do list. The whole experience is fun, just the way dating should be. From the stylish venues, the organizers of the event and the dashing daters they all compliment each other.


"Meet new people!"

Dashing Date is a fun, innovative way to meet new people. Whether it be through speed-dating or “date-working”, the organizers screen clientele to ensure that they get the best of the best matches at their events. I have recommended their service to all of my single friends! Great job DD!


"Time well spent!"

I went speed dating a few years ago (with another company), it was so badly organized and seemed to be nothing more then a cash grab (and a waste of time) that I swore off the concept completely. Then, this February (2017), I reached out to Dashing Date to inquire about a Valentine’s Day event that they were hosting. I was so glad I did, the admission fee and my time were both very well spent.

As you may or may not know, a typical speed dating event has its “clients” gather at a bar and are left to socialize on their own, which is fine, but, with Dashing Date, the host introduces activities designed to help their guests interact with each other in a fun and light way.  Once the “speed dating” began, all of the guests were relaxed and had already had interacted with each other thus making the conversations during the 5 minute speed dating sessions much more comfortable.

I went to a second of Dashing Date’s events last month which was held at a beautiful restaurant in downtown Montreal, “Speed Plating” was the theme. The manner in which Dashing Date organizes their events resulted in most if not all of the guests interacting with each other in such a friendly and open way that, to the bystander, it may seem as if we were a gathering of old friends, not a group of people that had met each other that night for the very first time!

I was so impressed by the speed dating division of Dashing Date that I decided to also enroll in their matchmaking service, Vis-à-Vis. Over breakfast at a local restaurant, I was interviewed by two matchmakers, Kavita and Sandy, for a bit more then an hour during which time they got to know who I am, my likes/dislikes, what I look for in a woman etc. etc. A couple of months later I was introduced to a fabulous woman whom I am still dating.  Despite the fact that, like most/all matchmaking services, Vis-a-Vis receives a fee for each date that they send you on,  it was very obvious to me that Kavita and Sandy are more concerned with the quality, not the quantity of the dates they would send me on.

Vis-a-Vis is more then just a business to these two fine ladies, they truly enjoy what they do, and are genuinely happy when the role they play results in a “happier ever after”.

To Kavita and Sandy, keep up the great work ladies!! To those that are perusing this website deliberating whether or not to try this, you will find in events hosted by Dashing Date that the venue, caliber of attendees and the attention to details are all super impressive, add to that the very reasonable cost… go for it!!! You’ll be happy you did 🙂  –

Richard B.49, Montreal

"Had a blast"

Thank you very much for the well organized and expertly run event. The hosted made it interesting and very fun. I met a lot of interesting people and … I had a blast.
Dan D.49, Ottawa

"Dashing Date Changed Our Lives Forever"

You won’t believe this…I am an introvert, but last year I read a book that inspired me to make a genuine effort to go out and meet a partner.

So I committed to attending two social events a month after really thinking about my personal ‘brand’.  I went to alumni events, singles mixers, business networking events, real life events from online dating websites and finally attended a few Dashing Date speed dating events.

Here’s my advice…be open minded and if you really want to meet that someone special then attend a Dashing Date event.  And then you know what?  Attend another and another because you will meet wonderful and different people each time.

I met someone who intrigued me at one of the events.  We are from different worlds and would likely have never met otherwise. Over the past 10 months, we have become very close and have made a commitment to one another.

He is one of the most brilliant, creative and caring individuals who I have ever met.  But you have to make an effort and get off the couch and take advantage of opportunities.  I still can’t believe that I met someone so special and that this happened for me, but it has, and it can happen for you, too!

Thank you to the Dashing Date team for changing our lives forever.

Jasmine43, Vancouver

"We got married and are very happy together!"

Erin and I met at a Dashing Date speed dating event in Calgary in March 2016. I liked that the event was intimate, with about 8-9 women to speak with; this allowed me to remember the conversations better without having all the faces and details blur together. I remembered Erin when I got the matches back the next day and wasted no time in reaching out. Our first date was for coffee and then we were going out almost every weekend! Things developed further, we went on trips together and attended weddings. All that to say, we we’re pretty serious. In August of 2018 we got married and are very happy together.

Bryan33, Calgary

"We just booked our first Holiday!"

I’m a male, early 50’s, and I’ve been speed dating four times over three years in Ottawa. To be honest, I personally found speed dating stressful. I would really dress to impress and always try to keep an open mind. A little while ago, I went on a date with a woman that I matched with but after two dates, she decided to not pursue things further. Then, out of the blue, a year later she asked me how I was doing and… fast forward to today… we just booked our first Holiday together! So what changed? She told me she let go the ideas she had of what her partner should be. So, my advice to you is this. If you have preconceived ideas of what you are looking for, the likely hood of them being met it are slim. If you have taken the time to read this and it resonates with you in any way, then take the time to ask a someone you trust, someone who will give it to you straight, about any preconceived ideas that you harbour. Then take these ideas and leave them at the the door when you go speed dating. This will give you the best opportunity to meet someone.
Donough51, Ottawa