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This service currently caters to single professionals in Montreal, Toronto & Ottawa.

Everything you need to know

Introductions VS Matchmaking

Too many empty promises have been made when it comes to Matchmaking. The truth is, no one can guarantee love between two humans, for the simple reason that you have to meet in order to experience attraction for one another.

Have you ever said to yourself or heard someone say “they’re perfect for me, if only I was attracted to them!” It’s not uncommon.

Our VIS-À-VIS service focuses on Introductions. Our job is to introduce you to humans that you have the potential to click with, the rest is up to the Chemistry Gods. That’s what makes finding love so special.

Membership fees

Gone are the days of astonishing matchmaking fees! Unlike other matchmaking companies that charge thousands of dollars upfront, VIS-À-VIS was born with the intent to bring a professional service to market with a similar price point as the other things you invest in that increase your quality of life.

The annual membership fee is $499, plus $65 for each date that we send you on. All prices are subject to tax.

Our pay-per-date model allows you to only pay for the dates that you go on, take breaks as needed and cancel any time.

What is a VIS-À-VIS?

A VIS-À-VIS is a one-on-one coffee, brunch or cocktails date, hand-picked by your matchmaker. It is a face to face date lasting 45 minutes.

Who is VIS-À-VIS for?

This service is designed for the busy professional who is tired of filtering through the online clutter and wishes to date on his/her time. Clients of VIS-À-VIS are excited to take a step forward in their dating life with their own personal matchmaker, someone who is always on the lookout for new people to introduce you to. It’s important to understand that we cannot guarantee chemistry on a date. Chemistry is something that needs to be felt, and can only happen when you meet someone. Our goal is to introduce you to potential matches, so you can focus on the most important things in your life.

What's the pricing breakdown / sign up process?

Your VIS-À-VIS experience will start off with a relaxed, one-on-one meeting with your matchmaker lasting one hour. During this meeting, your matchmaker will dig deep and dive even deeper, getting to know you and understand what you’re looking for (and need) in an ideal match. Following the meeting, your matchmaker will do an in-depth review of our database for potential matches for you, contact and communicate with those candidates, and assess compatibility. The membership fee of $499 covers this initial process.

Once your first match is determined, your date will be set up for you, from A-Z. Each VIS-À-VIS costs $65, that both people going on the date will pay.

What happens once a match is found for me?

As soon as your matchmaker is ready to send you on a VIS-À-VIS, you will learn about the person and why your matchmaker wants to introduce you. You’ll then choose one of three VIS-À-VIS options: Coffee, Brunch or Cocktails. Your matchmaker will take care of all the details of the date, including venue selection, and send you a confirmation email.

You will be guided every step of the way. The whole process is meant to be seamless.

How does the VIS-À-VIS itself unfold?

All dates are pre-scheduled to last 45 – 60 minutes. You will meet your date at a pre-specified venue partner of Dashing Date. Our team makes sure beforehand that the venue is well informed so that the process is seamless. It is to your discretion if you wish to let the date run any longer than 45 minutes.

Following your VIS-À-VIS, our team will contact you for feedback. Any following steps will be determined from there.

Will I see photos of my dates beforehand?

Photos are not exchanged beforehand, and here’s why: Chemistry and attraction happen in person, not through a photo. This is where you have to trust our team of professional and passionate matchmakers.

While the main focus is to have you meet someone with whom you will have a strong, compatible connection, your physical preferences are absolutely taken into account and are a high priority.

Keep in mind, this service is purposely designed to not be anything like online dating.

Where does the VIS-À-VIS take place?

All VIS-À-VIS dates take place at one of our partnered venues. You may be provided with a slight selection depending on the type of VIS-À-VIS you’ve chosen (coffee, brunch or cocktails). Reservations are taken care of on your behalf.

Who am I meeting?

There are different pools from which we can dip into in order to find you the best possible candidates to date. Anyone you meet will have been pre-screened.

The tiers are as follows:

1. VIS-À-VIS Clients
3. Speed Dating Clients
4. (Optional) People from our own professional and even personal social circles*
(*You may also choose to benefit from us keeping our eyes glued and ears opened around the city for your next date. Opting to include being set up with someone from your matchmakers professional / personal networks is not an obligation and is entirly at your discretion. By including this selection, you may be required to cover the full cost of the date ($130). Please ask your matchmaker more about this if you are interested).

How many dates will you send me on?

We will send you as many times as we can until you meet someone. However, the number of dates we can set up for you will depend greatly on what you are looking for in an ideal match.

What if I want some advice and help to make the most of my dating experiences with VIS-À-VIS?

Then you’re in luck. Because we’re not just matchmakers, we’re dating experts! You can pair your VIS-À-VIS membership with coaching sessions. Click here to learn more.

What happens if I didn't like my date?

Then we are simply one step closer to finding your ideal match. After each date we send you on, a debrief will follow. We will go over what you liked and didn’t like about your date and refine our search going forward. Keep in mind that our service is designed to ensure you enjoy the VIS-À-VIS, regardless of whether or not the person winds up being a match.

Ready to have your very own Matchmaker?

The first step would be to fill out our Questionnaire. The more detailed you are, the better. Following a review of your answers, we will assess our database for people to introduce you to.

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