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Please be sure you’re set up correctly for your digital speed dating event. Doing so will make for a seamless dating experience for you and all guests in attendance. Read through this guide for everything you need to know.

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Getting set up

STEP 1: Please attend this event from your laptop or desktop computer. While you can attend from your phone or tablet, it is not recommended as the video platform we use is not yet optimized to support mobile devices (however it will be very soon!). Dashing Date is not responsible for a poor event experience if you attend from your phone or tablet. The good news? An app will be released very soon and you will be able to attend from your phone or tablet in the near future.

STEP 2: If you haven’t done a video call before, or if it’s been a while, run a test to make sure you’re set up correctly and that your camera, audio and speakers work.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that you’re using your real name during the event as we need to be able to identify you and your gender. If you have a common first name (like, Alex or Ashley), include your last name or part of your last name in case we have another guest with the same name in attendance. This is also important as your real name is shared with your matches after the event.


Joining the event

EVENT LINK: You’ll receive your unique event link via email a few hours before your event. Click on the link to access the event.

KEEP YOUR DEVICE CHARGED: Ideally, keep your device charging as you participate. Being on video drains your battery quickly.

SET UP CLOSE TO YOUR ROUTER: To avoid a bad connection, be near your internet router.

ARRIVE 5 MINS EARLY: Please join the event 5 minutes before the event start time so we can check you in.

IF YOU CAN’T ACCESS THE EVENT: If you’re running into technical issues before or during the event, please email hey@dashingdate.com or text (647) 696-7719 (You can copy and paste the following message: Hi! My name is (enter full name here). Please send me the link for the event happening in (enter city here).

INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOUR:We have a STRICT POLICY against poor etiquette of any kind. Any rude or disruptive behaviour will result in being immediately removed from the event without warning.

STAYING FOR THE WHOLE EVENT: By purchasing a ticket, you are committing to staying for the entire duration of the event and participating in each speed date, just like you would in person.


Pretty fly for a wifi

‘Choppy’, ‘lagging’, ‘frozen’ and ‘delayed’ are all words we want to stay clear from during your video-chat event. A secure internet connection is a must.

Let there be light

Light is literally your BFF for online video-chat so make sure the area you’re going to be in during the event is super well lit. If your event is in the day time, sit in front of your window and use natural light.

Let's get angular!

Keep the angle of your computer, tablet or phone at eye-level or slightly higher.

Zen vibes

Please make sure you have a quiet and dedicated space for the duration of the event without any background or interfering noise (music, television, etc)

Mirror mirror

Even though you’re probably attending from the comfort of your home, there is a dress code. Think ‘party on top’ and PJs on the bottom.  Just kidding! You should aim to look your best and still treat your event like a night out.

Consider how you’d want to look on a dinner date that you’re excited about!

Pro Tip: Make a sincere effort, it won’t go unnoticed! And remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.