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Is your venue perfect for speed dating? Does your company offer a creative activity? Let’s join hands! We love exploring new ways to connect singles. Our partnered venues are home to Dashing Date. Each space is selected with care and the utmost in comfort, quality and ambiance. We don’t take the term “partner” lightly, we aim for long-term relationships with our venues, and a collaboration that is mutually beneficial.

The ideal venue...

  • Has a private or semi-private area large enough for up to 25 people to move around comfortably.
  • Is a space that facilitates the flow of our events; mingling, speed dating, being able to move from table to table with ease.
  • Adorns an ambiance conducive to “date-night”. Romantic lighting, chill music, cocktails and delicious, easy to eat snacks.
  • We also look to work with companies that offer interactive, unique activities for specially themed events.

Why Venues Love Working With Us:


A reservation for 20 with one phone call? Benefit from larger groups and added sales on slower nights of the week


Piggy-back on our marketing efforts to gain exposure from our database of high-caliber local professionals


A visit from our group provides you the opportunity to turn our clients into your returning customers


Bonus! Get featured on our Venues Page, the go-to spot for people searching for the perfect date-night idea

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