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August 2018 – This Just In…

August 2018 – This Just In…

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Monthly Challenge: “PICK UP THE PHONE!”

Speaking on the phone is a great way to get to know someone and gauge if there is any chemistry. When you’re getting to know someone new, be it someone you met online, at a speed dating event, through a friend or whatever the case, you waste a lot of time not knowing if you’re a good match with the person for the simple reason that there are no phone conversations anymore. It’s time to ditch the never-ending text messages and pick up the phone! Human conversation can propel a relationship forward, allowing you to get to know someone better and faster and stop asking yourself, “what the hell does this text mean?”. So the next time you meet someone online, suggest chatting by phone before meeting in person. If it’s like pulling teeth talking to them over the phone, it might not be that much better in person. But if the conversation flows easily and you’re enjoying it, it’s sure worth investing the time in a face-to-face date.

Upcoming Events this month: 

1. Wednesday, August 15th is SIZZLE FO’ SHIZZLE Speed Dating, for men and women (various age groups) in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver and Calgary. Click here for details.

2. Saturday, August 25th is a special edition WINE & CHEESE Speed Dating event in Calgary only for ages 40 plus. Click here for details.

Most Popular Recent Instagram Post: 


Every two posts on Instagram, you’ll find a Dashing Date Signature post which is usually a dating tip, handwritten by our company owner, Kavita Ajwani. Last month, the most popular post was “I See You” which discussed the importance of making a sincere effort to see someone for who they truly are rather than who we want them to be. Visit our Instagram page to read the full tip. It’s a good one!

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VIS-À-VIS Matchmaking: We’re growing fast!

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Our matchmaking database is growing at a rapid pace! If you’re serious about meeting someone, investing in an extra set of eyes and ears in the right places is a great start. Click here to learn more.

The Quote We’re Still Thinking About: “If you aren’t good at loving yourself, you will have a difficult time loving anyone, since you’ll resent the time and energy you give another person that you aren’t even giving to yourself.” – Barbara De Angelis

LETS TALK! There’s nothing like real human interaction. Did you try the challenge? Do you have questions? Want to share a thought or suggestion?

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