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Dating Talkshop & Panel

"HE SAID, SHE SAID" — Bridging the Gap Between Tinder & Love

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Let’s say it like it is. Dating is confusing. The Breakdown Vol. II, “He Said, She Said” co-ed edition, is a talkshop and panel discussion designed to help you understand the viewpoint of the opposite sex and to stop wondering, “what the hell is going on!?”. Do we really have to accept that men are from Mars and women from Venus? Or can we find common ground as humans here on Earth. We believe the latter because ultimately, we all want the same thing — connection. This second edition of The Breakdown is for both men and women looking to simplify their dating experiences.

What to expect

Dating Expert, Kavita Ajwani, and Love Coach, Diana Eskander, will lead a talk and conversation aimed at bridging the gap between Tinder and love and turning “he said, she said” into “we said”. A co-ed panel discussion will be part of the mix to help shed light on both sides of the equation. The event will take place in a casual setting at a Montreal bar over beer and wine.

Come as you are. Get your questions answered. And, if you’re the outspoken type, join the conversation!

***Tickets are $35 each and include one drink.



Diana Eskander

Diana Eskander is a Love Coach with a conscious approach. She helps her clients create the love they want – and shows them how to have fun doing it. An advocate of self-love and mindfulness, she infuses these concepts into her workshops, coaching and everything in between. Diana is a coffee lover, people connector and conversation starter.


When we find ourselves looking for answers, Kavita Ajwani’s motto is to “think the opposite”. She questions everything and finds comfort in going against the herd. Her approach to the dating scene is unconventional and encourages her clients to do what is right for them, not for others. Kavita is a Dating Expert, Matchmaker and the owner of Dashing Date.


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Mabel Palomino


Steve Daniel

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Ariane Tonka

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Josh Silver

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Nikki Balch

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Marc Beaulieu



The same way you work with a trainer for your fitness goals or use a GPS when you don’t know where you’re going, sometimes a little guidance makes sense. Not only will you get there faster, you’ll avoid unnecessary (and embarrassing!) mistakes. The Breakdown was created by Diana Eskander (Love Coach) and Kavita Ajwani (Dating Expert & Matchmaker). Their events, workshops and discussions are designed with you in mind and around various topics related to dating and relationships. Bringing together years of experience, Diana & Kavita aim to answer your top dating questions, foster confidence and clarity and make dating less daunting for you. They pride themselves on keeping things raw and real and welcome guests to join the conversation.


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    1. Hi Renee! The event is open to all ages. We have people in their 20s signed up and people in their 50s. The panel is a mix of men and women from their late 20s to early 40s.

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