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September 2018 – This Just In…

September 2018 – This Just In…

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Monthly Challenge: “WRITE DOWN 10 IDEAS”

To find gold, you have to dig deep. This month, we challenge you to come up with 10 ideas on how you can meet someone. The first 4 or 5 ideas might come easy, but as you go, you’ll need to start being more creative.

We then encourage you to grow the list in new directions by repeating the exercise using some of your ideas as your starting point. For example, let’s say “Online Dating” was on your list. Now, come up with 10 ideas on how to meet someone using online dating. Put your brain work! This exercise is sure to have an impact, be it igniting a fabulous idea or simply being more aware of your options.

Upcoming Events this month: 

1. Thursday, September 13th is WANDERLUST! Speed Dating for Travel Lovers. There are seven events in total for various age groups in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver and Calgary. Click here for details.

2. Sunday, Sept 23rd is a special edition, women-only, networking event in Toronto, hosted by Mon Brand. Dashing Date owner, Kavita Ajwani, will be leading a talk and Q&A about dating. Click here for details.

Most Popular Recent Instagram Post: 

instagram post

Last month’s most popular Instagram post was based on something a little different! We asked our followers to summarize their online dating experience in one word or statement. The responses were fascinating! Visit our Instagram page to read them all. Tip: This is a multi-image post, look for the turquoise image about “chemistry” and scroll through.

Our Instagram Page is updated with multiple weekly posts that are hand-selected or created, and paired with insightful captions that aim to help you meet someone! Make sure to Follow Us: @DashingDate

Latest blog post: How to have more fun on dates (MUST READ!)


If dating isn’t going to be fun, what’s the point? Dashing Date owner and Dating Expert, Kavita Ajwani, is a big believer that the sooner you fall in love with the process of dating, the sooner you’ll fall in love period! This blog post is Q&A style, and packed with tips and suggestions on how to make the most of your dating experiences.

The Quote We’re Still Thinking About: “Everything is enough as it is right now.” – Unknown (but pretty sure we came up with it!)

LETS TALK! There’s nothing like real human interaction. Did you try the challenge? Do you have questions? Want to share a thought or suggestion?

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