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I know you don’t like wondering if you’ll run into the same people from your last event. And I know that what matters to you is most is meeting NEW guys. (Trust me, I’m with you on that).

I also know online dating sucks and that our events are an excellent alternative. Creating a great experience for you has always been our top priority. We take so much pride in putting our events together and I hope you’ve felt that when you’ve attended.

We’ve been doing a lot of thinking among the Dashing Date team. We’ve also been doing a lot of listening among our amazing clients (like you).

Between it all, one thing remains true. You and I are working towards the same goal and that’s for you to find your forever person.

We want you to have more of this in your life 👇👇👇

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With that in mind, I’m really excited to tell you about our new Premium events! 😍

So what are Premium Events, what’s the Big Diff?

1. New Faces!
 This is the biggest change with Premium that you’re going to love. You’ll only meet NEW men. No repeat dates from previous events. (Can I get a Hallelujah 🙌)

2. A ton of saved time! Each event is just one hour, over which you’ll go on 5 premium video dates.

3. Higher potential for compatibility! We’re more intentional with the type of profiles coming together at each event.

We’ll be sharing some fun facts with you about each of your dates that will take your conversations to new heights. For example: Ask Jake about his trip to Greece!

Now, in the spirit of keeping it real, Premium value also means premium pricing. But you know what else?

The kind of men buying Premium tickets are 
the kind of men you want to be meeting. For one, they can afford it. Secondly, they take their time seriously and invest it wisely. All in all, they’re legit about wanting a serious girlfriend.


video speed dating events

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