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Our matchmaking munchkins are always working hard and concocting magical ways to help you find love! It’s their life’s purpose, they jump for joy every time a wedding invitation rolls in.

Introducing MEET YOUR MATCH™️ by VIS-À-VIS.

MEET YOUR MATCH™️ is an exclusive mailing list. MYM™️ Members will receive special emails that briefly describe our most eligible VIS-À-VIS Matchmaking clients! When their description sparks your interest, simply let us know and the munchkins will get to work.

Every MYM™️ email is a chance that a personally curated one-on-one virtual date is in your near future. Open each MYM™️ email, you never know who’s inside!

If you haven’t already opted in, do so now and thank us later.

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Fine print: Yes, the munchkins are real. No, you’re not obligated to invite them to your wedding.
Actual fine print: By signing up for MEET YOUR MATCH™️ you’re opting into a mailing list from which you can unsubscribe any time. Getting matched is free, however the Blind Date Candidate date-fee applies should you want to MEET YOUR MATCH™️. Click here to learn more about becoming a Blind Date Candidate.