Dating Coach for Men

Become a Blind Date Candidate

Hello! This is where your journey begins! We’re so glad you enjoyed learning about our matchmaking client, we can’t wait to tell you more! But first, if you haven’t familiarized yourself with how our blind date service works, click here.

The only step is for you to tell us about yourself so we can confirm you’re a compatible match. Below is our questionnaire,  which is different from the one you may have filled out for speed dating. Grab a tea, coffee or glass of wine and get started.

There are five sections – some are short, others are long. Have fun with it and take your time completing it, generally anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes.

Once the questionnaire is completed, you’ll have an active profile in our database, YAY! So, if it turns out this one isn’t a match, your new profile will help us introduce you to one of our other amazing clients. 

*During our compatibility assessment, we may learn that you’ve met this person at previous speed dating event in which case we’ll let to know.