It's time for change in the dating world

COACHING with Expert Dating Strategist, Kavita ajwani

Get better at dating and meet someone soon.

Dating is getting harder. And it sucks.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, unmotivated, pressured, heartbroken, nervous, lost or even lazy right now, first thing’s first, you’re not alone.

And I hate to point out the obvious but, the pandemic did not help.

It’s the forking wild wild west out there – excuse my language. And the truth is, you don’t deserve it.

Why? Because you’re a happy, amazing, thriving human being. You have a kick-ass career and… overall life is good. You can’t really complain.

All you want is for your love life to catch up. You want to meet someone great, you’ll even settle for just normal at this point!

But it’s tough, and everything you do feels like a waste of time.

It’s time for a change.

Meet your dating coach

Kavita Ajwani | Dating Expert, Coach and owner of Dashing Date

Kavita has been featured in the New York Times, Cosmopolitan Magazine and is the resident dating expert on Breakfast Television.

“When we find ourselves looking for answers, my motto is to “think the opposite”. I question everything and find comfort in going against the herd.

My approach to today’s dating scene is unconventional and I encourage my clients to do what is right for them, not for others. 

My success is attributed to my understanding, caring, and non-judgemental approach with my clients, and my genuine desire to help singles be confident, enjoy dating and find beautiful, loving, happy relationships.”

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Sessions & Pricing

Sessions are one-on-one with Kavita herself and take place on Zoom.

***Kavita only works with a few clients at any given time. Availability is not guaranteed***

Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions are $250 per hour.

Dating profile creation package

The gift that keeps on giving! Get your dating profile created for you for a one time fee of $500. Combine this with one hour of coaching for tips and strategies to maintain your profile long term.

Online Dating Strategy package

A complete online strategy personalized for you in 2 sessions for $600.

Session 1: A review of your current approach and online conversations that ended up in lots of time wasted and even more confusion.
Session 2: Coaching on your new approach.

Group coaching and live courses

Coming soon!!

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