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cutting-edge hybrid of self-study and live coaching

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Unleash your best self and meet your dream woman this year with our brand new 6-week Dating Mastery Course: LOVE HERO!

Designed exclusively for men, this program is a cutting-edge hybrid of self-study and live coaching that promises transformative results.

The course consists of 8 meticulously crafted, pre-recorded sessions released over 6 weeks, with added accountability as you journey alongside an intimate and exclusive group of growth-minded men.

But we don’t stop at pre-recorded lessons—our program is enriched with real-time elements to ensure you apply what you learn. Expect weekly homework assignments and missions tailored to instill confidence, blast through your fear of rejection, conquer limiting beliefs and finally Find Your Forever Person.

Plus, you’ll get direct access to your own personal dating expert, Coach Kavita during weekly office hours, where you’ll ask all and any and all questions related to that week’s topic or any area of your dating life.

With our rigorous yet accessible format, you’re not just being taught—you’re being held accountable for your success. Get ready to transform your dating life in as little as six weeks and make meaningful connections that last a lifetime. Join us now to kickstart the journey to finding your dream partner.

Exclusive Bonuses for LOVE HERO Attendees

Private Coaching Sessions:

One of the unique aspects of LOVE HERO is our dedication to personalized success. When you join the course, you’re not merely a participant but a priority. Here’s what our private coaching entails:

Goal-Setting Session:

The first 1-on-1 coaching session is all about you. We’ll identify your dating objectives, what might be standing in your way, and craft achievable goals that will serve as your roadmap during the six-week course.

Progress Check and Open Session:

Your second private coaching session will serve as a milestone check. Whether you’re struggling with a specific dating challenge or just need some extra tips, this session is your personalized platform to get you back on track.


Direct WhatsApp Access:

Stay connected beyond the classroom. You’ll have the privilege of direct WhatsApp access to me, Coach Kavita, throughout the six-week course and for an entire month afterward! Whether you’re facing a hurdle or just have a quick query, I’m here to provide continuous support.

Profile Perfection Experience:

You heard it right; we’re going hands-on with your dating profile. From organizing photo shoots to finalizing the perfect set of images and crafting a captivating profile, we’ll provide continuous feedback until your online persona is nothing short of perfect.

By including these additional bonuses, LOVE HERO offers not just a learning experience but a transformative journey. We provide the tools, framework, and personalized guidance you need to meet your dream woman this year.

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime, holistic course that promises to turn you into a dating superhero. Join us now!

The LOVE HERO Guarantee:
Make Your Dating Dreams a Reality or I’ve Got Your Back!

We’re so confident in the transformative power of the LOVE HERO program that we’re offering a game-changing guarantee.

The Guarantee: If you don’t see a significant change in your dating life—a metric we’ll determine together during our first coaching session—by the end of the additional month of WhatsApp support, I’ll continue to provide WhatsApp guidance for the next six months. That’s right, half a year of personalized, direct support from me, Coach Kavita.

Valentine’s Day Promise: Stick with the program, and you’ll go on at least 3 dates with 3 different women by Valentine’s Day. Mark it on your calendar, because it’s a date!

The Fine Print: Your Commitment
To qualify for the LOVE HERO Guarantee, you must be fully committed to the process:
  1. Your dating profile must receive a ‘green light’ from me by the end of the course or year, ensuring it meets all the standards we discuss, whether it’s investing in professional photography or finessing your bio.
  2. Engage fully in the private coaching sessions, weekly missions, and homework to optimize your dating journey.
In other words, you meet us halfway, and we’ll guide you the rest of the way toward dating success.

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We accept credit card payments and e-transfers. If you’d like to pay by e-transfer, text or email us for the details

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