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Online Dating Strategy 180

This session is all about online dating strategy, tips, tricks & tools.
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Dynamic Dating Profiles™

In this session, you’re going to learn the Dynamic Dating Profile™ step-by-step method. Let’s go!

PRE-work for session #1


post work for session #1

  • Start practicing the AKAC framework on dating apps (we have attached 3 profiles for you below and remember, you can use anyone’s profile to practice with, even if you’re not matching with them)

  • Finalize the details around your Sunny Swipe Session.

  • Block off time in your calendar for your Sunny Swipe Sessions.

  • Give a Sunny Swipe Session a try. After, note how it was different from the way normally engage with dating apps.

  • For those of you not yet online dating (or actively using any apps), now it a great time to get up and running if it feels right. Start by deciding which app(s) you want to use.

  • Review the templates for common dating scenarios. Copy them into your notes or create your own.

AKAC Framework – Additional Practice Profiles.png (3)

PRE-work for session #2

Please complete this questionnaire
You’ll receive a copy by email that you’ll be able to refer to while creating your dating profile.

Review this photo guide
Do you have any of these photos ready to go for your profile? If so, starting digging for them! If not, don’t worry about it as you’ll start accumulating them one at a time.

post work for session #2

Create or revamp your dating profile using the Dynamic Dating Profile™ layering method.

Review the 6 Magic Photo Guide, do you have these photos ready to go or do you need new photos?

If you need new photos, review the guide and schedule a session with a photographer.