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Online Dating Strategy 180

This session is all about online dating strategy, tips, tricks & tools. Let’s go!

post work for session #1

  • Start practicing the AKAC framework on dating apps (we have attached 3 profiles for you below and remember, you can use anyone’s profile to practice with, even if you’re not matching with them)

  • Finalize the details around your Sunny Swipe Session.

  • Block off time in your calendar for your Sunny Swipe Sessions.

  • Give a Sunny Swipe Session a try. After, note how it was different from the way normally engage with dating apps.

  • For those of you not yet online dating (or actively using any apps), now it a great time to get up and running if it feels right. Start by deciding which app(s) you want to use.

  • Review the templates for common dating scenarios. Copy them into your notes or create your own.

AKAC Framework – Additional Practice Profiles.png (3)