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June 2020 – This Just In…

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June 2020 – This Just In…


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Dashing Date was in The New York Times!


We usually kick off each BTS newsletter with a monthly dating challenge but we were just too excited about this… Dashing Date was in The New York Times, and in a big way!

Owner of Dashing Date, Kavita Ajwani, was interviewed on ‘Together Apart’, which is The New York Times podcast.

Soon after, they asked us to collaborate on a joint virtual speed dating event, hosted by Kavita herself! The event was for New Yorkers and it was a special experience, to say the least.

After the event took place, a reporter reached out for a follow-up interview for a written article. Not only that, the article ended up making the front page of The New York Times website! You can read the article and listen to the podcast by clicking here.



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If you had to guess this month’s dating challenge based on this photo, what would you say it is?

The answer is: NOTHING! Zip, zilch, diddly-squat. That’s right, this June, we’re not putting you to work because, well, we’ve been challenged enough lately!

So instead of a challenge, let’s set an intention this month, which is to simply be kind(er). Kind(er) to each other and kind(er) to ourselves.

That’s all folks!


Dashing Date mobile

Whoever said you can’t find love during quarantine hasn’t been to one of our events!

We’ve done over 30 virtual events in the last 2 months and the feedback has been phenomenal, making it crystal-clear that our digital experiences are here to stay.

If you haven’t tried speed dating from home yet, you’re missing out! Click here to learn more or select your city below to see what events are coming up.


Win a ticket to our next event on June 6th by entering our Instagram Giveaway contest! Click here.

More events will be added throughout June so make sure to check back often and keep an eye out for exclusive invitations in your inbox*

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What people are saying about our digital events!

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“I had done another digital dashing date beginning of April. I really loved the improvements you guys have made since the last one!! Great job!” – Danielle, Montreal

“It’s upbeat, simple and stress free! ” – Joella, Ottawa

“It was fun, no pressure, and well executed. Thank you! “– Brett, Vancouver

“The host was friendly and enthusiastic! The event was very well organized and well run and I definitely appreciated the conversation starters. I attended one of the first digital events and the improvements have been enormous! Thank you for continuing to organize these events and improving them as you go!” – Philippe, Toronto


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The Quote We're Still Thinking About


If you tried a monthly challenge, were inspired by something we shared, or there’s something specific you’d like to see more of from us, there’s nothing like real human interaction. So, LET’S TALK! Send us an email and a real human from our team will be happy to connect with you.

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