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June 2019 – This Just In…

June 2019 – This Just In…

MONTHLY NEWSLETTER: Here’s what’s happening Behind The Scenes at Dashing Date!

Monthly Challenge

GO TO MORE EVENTS! Our clients are always telling us that they just aren’t meeting the type of people they want to date. Here’s what we have to say:

Are YOU spending your time at the same places as them? If not, here’s what you do.

Think about the type of person you want to meet and ask yourself, “Where is this person likely to be hanging out?”. If you’re looking for a cultured beau/belle, start attending exhibitions, gallery openings and other related events. If you want to meet someone entrepreneurial, network with business people and attend business conferences. Want to meet someone who loves travelling? Spend time at the airport.

OK, we’re kidding about the last one (kind of), but you get the idea.

There’s no shortage of events this time of year, figure out where it is you need to be and then google events in your city.

Upcoming Events

Lots of unique events coming up... and we have 15 events this month! Dates are below:

1. Wednesday, June 5th is: ENERGIZED! Speed Dating for Active Singles. Happening across all our operating cities for our Ready for Love Life Stage. Find all the details by clicking here.

2. Saturday, June 15th/ June 22nd: RISE & SHINE! Speed Dating for Morning People at 11:30AM for ages 35-50. The Montreal event will be on June 15th and all other cities on June 22nd. Up for speed dating in the morning? Let’s make it happen. Find all the details by clicking here.

3. Saturday, June 15th/ June 22nd: COFFEE & CHILL! A Speed Hangout at 2:30PM for ages 24-34, AKA our Curious and Courageous Life Stage. The Montreal event will be on June 15th and all other cities on June 22nd. Find all the details by clicking here.


Did you miss it? Our last TV appearance covered Spring Cleaning Dating Tips and also talked about this month’s challenge! Watch it here.

Our media segments are packed with solutions to your most frustrating dating woes. They can all be found here.

BT june this just in

What We Like On Instagram Right Now: 

IG June

This was our most popular IG post last month. Read the caption and let it sink in.


There’s no denying it, Instagram is where it’s at. We love sharing the things that make us laugh, think and… pass the time. Also, our page is updated with weekly posts that are hand-selected or created, and paired with insightful captions that aim to help you meet someone! Make sure to Follow Us: @DashingDate

The Quote We’re Still Thinking About: “The standard pace is for chumps”. – Unknown

If you tried a monthly challenge, were inspired by something we shared, or there’s something specific you’d like to see more of from us, there’s nothing like real human interaction. So, LET’S TALK! Send us an email and a real human from our team will be happy to connect with you.

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