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Host our Virtual Speed Dating Events from your home live on Zoom!

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Dashing Date is Canada’s number one speed dating company. We’re in our 10th year of business! We specialize in organizing high quality, expertly curated virtual speed dating experiences for single professionals who are serious about meeting someone.

We are currently doing our next round of hires just in time for Valentine’s Day 2022!


As an online event host, you facilitate our virtual speed dating events with a strong and engaging presence on live video. You’re confident and comfortable on video and can interact with a virtual crowd effortlessly. Your energy levels are sky high and you can bring the party through your computer screen!

To say that you’re ‘tech savvy’ would be an understatement. You have experience operating video-conferencing platforms (such as Zoom) and can manage the software’s various features with finesse and ease. While some may get flustered with technology, for you it’s exciting! You love the idea of using technology to bring people together.

You understand the importance of presenting well and professionally on live video, from personal appearance to your overall set-up. You have professional lighting equipment adequate for entry level video appearances (more on this below), you have an inviting space with a pleasant backdrop to operate from and, of course, your laptop and internet connection are both as fast as they are reliable.

All Dashing Date hosts are:

  • Professional, reliable, and punctual
  • Confident in reciting speeches and making announcements
  • Great at public speaking
  • Organized and detail-oriented
  • Courteous, warm and friendly
  • Relatable and engaging
  • Fun, energetic, and confident
  • Creative and can think fast on their feet
  • Well-presented and well-dressed
  • Meticulous about implementing all procedures and maintaining brand consistency
  • Passionate about guests having a memorable, positive speed dating experience
  • Great at handling unexpected or challenging situations with ease, elegance and finesse


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We’re looking for an online event host to facilitate our virtual speed dating events. This job offers flexible work hours, several hosting opportunities on a monthly basis, the ability to earn money from the comfort of your own home and the chance to help people find love!
You will also be part of a supportive team and a growing Canadian business.

The virtual events are held on Zoom, an online communications platform designed for video conferences. Your job is to run the event from start to finish, in real time. It begins with administrative set up and checking guests into the virtual event. You’ll kick things off with a lively and energetic welcome speech on live video, welcoming guests, sharing dating tips and explaining how the event will unfold.

Once your speech is complete, you’ll manage the event using Zoom’s “Breakout Rooms” feature and help guests with any technical difficulties they run into during the event. Once the event is complete, a wrap up speech is required thanking the guests for attending and outlining the next steps. Full training is provided.

For each event you are assigned to host, you will...

Review the event theme and any special requirements in advance
Show up dressed professionally in line with the event theme
Host from the space/area that has been pre-approved by Dashing Date Management
Perform your speeches with amazing energy
Manage the timing and overall flow of the event
Provide regular, timely updates to Dashing Date management
Close the event and complete basic post-event administrative tasks

Important: Hardware and Set-up Requirements

In order to qualify as a potential candidate, you must have a nicely decorated and professional space/area that you always have access to when hosting the event. The space needs to be pre-approved by Dashing Date Management.

All hosts must have a reliable computer or laptop in excellent condition, with storage space available, with camera and a very reliable high speed stable internet connection. MacBook or iMac users are strongly preferred but our processes can accommodate PC users as well.

Exceptional lighting is necessary, and therefore lighting equipment suitable for video is required in order to be considered.

For those who do not have proper lighting: Our team can guide you to choosing reliable and affordable equipment on Amazon once you’ve been hired. This equipment will be your own property and you can expect to invest anywhere from $80 to $200, which you will make back within your first 2 to 4 events.

We’ve put together an Idea List on Amazon with some different lighting options. If hired, our team of experts will help you select the best options for you, depending on your space and budget.

Application process

Ready to roll?! Here are the application steps:

Step 1: Fill out the online application form below
Step 2: Submit your Spotlight Video
Step 3: If selected as a candidate, a formal interview will take place virtually.

If you know you are the best person for the job but you don’t have your set-up 100% complete, you can still apply, as long as you are working on your setup and ready to invest in proper lighting equipment, as outlined above.

Please note: Only applicants who submit their Spotlight Video will be considered. You can wait to hear from us after submitting your application form, or you can jump to the head of the line by submitting it right away. Click here for the Spotlight Video Guide.

Lastly – This round of hires requires you to be ready to host in time for Valentine’s 2022! Please only apply if you know you are able to complete our Self-Training program in time (typically takes 2 weeks), and you are available to tentatively host your first set of events on February 10th, February 11th and February 14th.

Compensation & Event Schedule

Compensation is $50 flat, per event.
You will invoice us at the end of each month.

Events take place on weekday evenings and sometimes on Saturdays. You can host multiple events back-to-back and several events per month. Each event is about 2 hours long and you are required to log in and prepare your set up at least 30 mins in advance of the event start time.


Please complete the application form below, followed by a video submission (video submission steps will be provided after you complete the application form). You will also need to upload at least 2 recent photos, so  have them ready!

You can accelerate the application process and one-up your competition by completing the application form AND sending us a video SHOWING us why you would be an amazing digital event host! You can use WeTransfer and send it to jobs@dashingdate.com.

Applicants who submit a video will jump to the front of the line.