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Check-In Feature Guide

The check-in feature (accessible by phone or laptop) must be used during the event to check guests in as they arrive. It allows Dashing Date management to monitor the status of your attendees in real time, while you use it.

It also allows DD Management to make updates to the guests status (“running late”, “canceled” etc) for you to see, in real time.

If accessing the check-in feature from your laptop, the link is: https://www.dashingdate.com/check-in/

Please watch this short two minute video tutorial to see how to access the check-in feature from your laptop or phone. Make sure the sound is ON:

Here are the written steps to access the Check-in feature from your phone:

1. From your phone’s web browser, go to: https://www.dashingdate.com
2. Click on “MENU” (top right corner), scroll down to the bottom of the list and click on “Log in”
3. Log in using your username and password
4. Once logged in, click on the MENU again, then ‘Hosts – Host Hub’, then “Check in”
(The “Host Hub” will not be visible in the Menu if you’re not logged in.)
5. You should see your event right away! The actual guest list will appear an hour before your event. Use it to check your guests in. We’ll get live updates on our end! Also, if we get any cancellations or if someone is running late etc, we will update their status and you’ll see it live on your end.

PRO TIP: Familiarize yourself with the guest list just before the event so you know:

  • How many guests you’re expecting in total
  • How many women VS men
  • If anyone shares the same name (so that you can address it in your speech)
  • What sex any gender-neutral name belongs to (this is important for your Breakout Rooms set up so that, for example, you don’t assume “Jessie” is a man)