Dating Coach for Men

All guests are provided with a set of cards to use during their speed dating event. On these cards, guests can record the names of the people they speed date with, indicate their level of interest in each person, and take notes.

Each set contains two cards. A “Date Card”, for recording the names of their dates, which will be handed in at the end of the evening. And a “Note Card”, for taking notes about their dates, which they can take home after the event.

Below are photos and descriptions of each card, how they work, how guests should use them, and the way they should be set up on each table.

The 'Date Cards'

This is the card guests use to record the names of their dates and indicate their level of interest in each person. You must collect these cards from each guest before they leave the event!

On the front, there is a welcome message and simple steps on how to use this card. The back is used to write on.


Date Card – Front Resized


Date Card – Back

The 'Note Cards'

When meeting a lot of people in a short period of time, it can be hard to remember who’s who the next day! This is the card guests can use to take notes about each person they meet. They can take it home with them after the event!


Note Card – Front


Note Card – Back

How guests should use the cards

At the start of each speed date, guests should write down the name of their date on the Date Card, and then place the Note Card on top. They can take notes as needed.

We suggest that guests indicate their level of interest for each person (also called their “matches selection”) at the end of the evening, after they’ve met everyone at the event. This will allow them to be more present and to use the little time they have in between each date to catch their breath, relax, and get ready to welcome the next person.

This is also suggested so that there’s no chance of a guest seeing someone else’s Date Card and matches selection during the course of the evening.

Table Set-up and Card Placement

Both cards should be placed with the image side up and visible.

The Date Card is below, and the Note Card on top. The two cards should be fanned out and at a slight angle. It should always look exactly as shown in the photo below.

Date Card Set-Up