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Your Authentic Self

Your Authentic Self

Brace yourself, Melissa! In this session we’re going to work on identifying who you really are at the core of your being and how you can consciously call upon your authentic self so that you show up as the woman you want to be in your dating life! You will also learn key frameworks in breaking through your limited beliefs.

pre-work for session #2

  • Read through the attached PDF titled “Pre-Work Session 2”. Don’t worry about understanding it fully (it may seem a little abstract) but familiarizing yourself with it will help you make the most of the session.

  • Come to class prepared with 1-3 common ‘thought patterns’ you’ve noticed in your dating life that you want to break. Here are some examples:

    • “I am not good enough”

    • “They have so many better options”

    • ‘It’s harder to feel a connection at my age.”

    • “It’s impossible to meet someone .”

    • “I spent most my life thinking I’ll just meet someone and I didn’t focus or put work into dating.”

    • “It is not worth putting in serious effort”

Session 2: Your Authentic Self [1:11:00]

post-work for session #2

Hey Melissa! I made a video for you! Please watch it here, it’s a summary of Session 2 and I walk you through the post-work as well 🙂

  • After you’ve watched the video, continue to build on your Persona 1 and 2 identities using the prompts we went over in class:

    • Create your Energetic signature: Name the emotions in your body when Persona X is ‘driving the bus’

    • What does your internal dialogue sound like?

    • How does that have you showing up in your dating life?

  • When you’re ready, develop your Persona 1 and 2 identities even further by reflecting on these two additional prompts:

    • What people, places circumstances or events activate Persona X the most? (Examples: cold weather, mornings for some people, evenings for some people, ‘Sunday scaries’), work, my parents.. etc.)

    • If Persona X was a person, character, metaphor feeling or symbol, who would it be? (In other words, give each persona a name).