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Find Your Forever Person - Payment Options

Find Your Forever Person - Payment Options

You can pay by e-transfer or credit card, both options are below. You’ll also find payment plan details.


Please send your e-transfer to hey@dashingdate.com with the secret answer as: dashing

The amount (tax in) is outlined below based on your province:

Quebec: $1788.25
Ontario: $1757.25
Alberta: $1632.75
B.C: $1632.75

For clients in the USA, scroll down for credit card payments.

Online Payment

Pay online by credit card

Click Here

Payment Plan

We can split the cost into 2, 3, 4 or 5 payments (spread two weeks apart). First payment is due today. Just text 438-817-1363 and say “Hi, I’d like to make a payment plan for FYFP”.