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Facebook Live with Dr. Patrick Owen on April 25th

DASHING DATE ON Facebook LIVE with special guest Dr. Patrick Owen

APRIL 25th @ 10:30 AM EST

Topic: A strength-based approach to gaining self-confidence

Join us for our next Facebook Live where Expert Dating Strategist and owner of Dashing Date, Kavita Ajwani, will chat with Dr. Patrick Owen on self-confidence, mindset and overcoming rejection for good! Make sure to Like our Facebook page and be on it at the start time!

Pat Owen PhD

Back when I was dating, I used my strengths as a scientist to overcome a crippling fear of rejection and approach anxiety. I was a bonafide introvert who took steps towards changing my mindset and eventually, my entire personality.

Dr. Patrick Owen

About Pat...

Dr. Patrick Owen has conducted international academic research in Tibet, Papua New Guinea, India, and Northern Canada, has co-written two books, published more than a dozen peer-reviewed scientific papers, and is host of AskMen’s THRIVE web series.

Patrick is a Lecturer at the School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition, McGill University, where he
teaches a graduate course on the psychological and physical effects of non-nutritional compounds in foods.

He is Montreal’s leading expert on Ancestral Health and Functional Nutrition and runs a consultation practice to help those looking to lose weight, overcome a carb addiction, and attain a level of health that nature intended.