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This way, please...

Your speed dating event is meant to be a fun and memorable experience! With that in mind, we ask that all guests follow and respect the guidelines below.

Arrive on time

Unless you have previously advised our staff that you will be running late, it is important to please arrive on time. We have taken into account that not everyone will show up at the exact same moment but showing up late makes it difficult to start the event in a timely manner.

Respect the event-flow

For Speed Dating to work and flow well, we have in place a specific format to follow. For example, moving from table to table when asked and following the proper order is important. We ask that you do not stay seated when it’s time to move or sit wherever you please. There is plenty of time to chat with the guests you are most interested in once the speed dating portion is over.

Stay for the duration of the event

The events all have a start and finish time and confirming your attendance means you are committing to stay for the entire duration of the event. Leaving mid-way through the speed dating portion disrupts the event.

Be discreet with your Date Card

The card in which you record the names of your dates and indicate your level of interest is your personal card for the evening. Please be discreet with it, the other guests should not know what’s written inside your card nor should you ask to see someone else’s card.

Attending with a friend? Read this.

It’s fun to attend an event with your friend(s), many of our guests do so. But please try to make it a point to enjoy the event as an individual. You should still appear friendly and approachable. In addition, please select your matches on your own, it’s rude to compare notes in front of the other guests and indicate your matches based on your friend’s feedback. It ain’t high school!

Drink responsibly

Enjoying a few beers or cocktails during the evening is absolutely fine, I mean hey, we’re all adults here! But please know and respect your personal drinking limits. Being sloppy is not Dashing.

Good manners are everything

Being polite and courteous with the other guests, our team members, and the restaurant staff goes without saying. Any behaviour that contributes to an unpleasant experience for anyone will be addressed immediately at the event.

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Be kind to the people you match with

If you have made the decision to mark someone down as a match, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when you hear from them after the event. Please consider that it takes courage to reach out, so be kind and respectful by always responding to the person’s email/text/phone call, whether or not you are interested in pursuing things further. Honesty is best.

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