Dating Coach for Men

Basic Speed Dating DOs and DONTs


Be present

Give your phone the night off.

Introduce yourself

Extend your hand and introduce yourself to others upon arrival.

Make friends

Come with the intention to make new friends.

Look your best

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Be open-minded

Manage your expectations about the event.


Have fun and enjoy the night.


Chat, flirt, ask questions.

Compliment others

Delight the person in front of you!

Show interest

Listen. An interested person is an interesting person.

Be interesting

Brush up on current affairs (the weather is a boring topic!).

Be cooperative

Follow the Host’s instructions


Don't be on your phone

You’re at the event to engage with people in a real way.

Don't be impolite

Good manners are key.

Don't limit your chances

Give everyone a fair chance.

Don't be intrusive

Respect other’s privacy. We take care of exchanging contact information.