Dating Coach for Men


Dashing Date is based on screening their members to ensure the best dates for their clients.  We operate with honesty and integrity and encourage our members to do the same. While we provide initial online screening, Dashing Date does not take any responsibility for members who choose to misrepresent themselves. Dashing Date is not responsible or liable for any misconduct or inappropriate behaviour during or following a speed dating event.

We believe the ideal that being your authentic self is the correct way to begin any romantic relationship. We aim to promote this ideal through our speed dating and singles events.

Attending a speed dating event may result in matches to which your contact information is exchanged. While we make every effort to ensure the correct matches are sent, there is a chance that incorrect information can be relayed. Every effort will be made to rectify this situation, should it occur.

Speed Dating events take place in an established public venue for a set period of time. You are under no obligation to exchange or share your contact information. You are also under no obligation to choose a fellow speed dater as a match. Doing so is completely at your own discretion.