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Get ready to become the dating guru of your social circle.

The thought of setting up your profile is enough to procrastinate getting on Bumble for months.

And when you finally do set up your profile, it doesn’t sounds stiff, doesn’t represent you and, most importantly, doesn’t attract the kind of people you want to meet.

Stop wasting time. Stop guessing. And leave it to us.

We know what works, and we are the specialists when it comes to creating dating profiles that represent you authentically and that are designed to attract high quality, compatible matches (and filter out the bad ones).

“Done For You” package price:


This package includes 5 Dynamic Dating Profiles™ that are 100% personalized and interchangeable that you’ll easily copy and paste right into your dating app.

It also includes a 45 minute, 1:1 coaching session where Coach Kavita will walk you through your brand new package and teach you our trade secrets of keeping your profile looking shiny and new.

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"You really captured the ideal me. I couldn't have written it myself." - Mike

After getting very few matches for months, I decided to change things up. A professional like Coach Kavita can make the difference between striking out and getting on base.

She dissected my app profile with precision and offered practical tips like toning down my love for sports and providing insight into my life today to move the needle.

Two weeks later, I matched with three quality women from different backgrounds and still seeing one of them on a regular basis three months later! We should be planning our first out of town trip soon too.

My advice is to take Kavita’s advice. Your future self will thank you.

– Harvey

I worked with Kavita when my online dating profile was in desperate need of improvement.

It made a huge difference!

As soon as my revised dating profile went live, I finally began to receive messages from the type of women I was seeking.

One woman reached out only to congratulate me on my well-written and engaging profile!

Kavita’s expertise and experience, coupled with her ability to personalize her approach to the individual truly made a difference for me.

– Jerry

Book a free 20 min connection call with Coach Kavita

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Book a free 20 min connection call with Coach Kavita

click here to schedule