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April 2020 – This Just In… Quarantine Edition!

April 2020 – This Just In… Quarantine Edition!

MONTHLY NEWSLETTER: Here's what's happening During Quarantine at Dashing Date!




Your challenge this month is simple: Go on a date using video-chat.

Why this challenge is important and worth doing during quarantine:

  • Just because you can’t meet in person doesn’t mean you shouldn’t date. In fact, people are looking to connect in a real way now more than ever and, for all those who have the intention to simply ‘hook up’, well, that ain’t happening. This is a great time to get to know someone.

  • People have never been more willing to jump on a video call. The recent and fast shift to moving everything online has encouraged everyone to get on board with this new normal.

  • You can show off your creativity and romantic side without breaking the bank. When was the last time you had the chance to take someone out on a fantastic date, with dinner (UberEats), cocktails (BYOB), a concert (Instagram) and a museum tour (click here), all for under $50? Now’s your chance! Bonus tip: If you’d like to pay for dinner, get UberEats to make two stops 😉

  • You can practice dating and brush up on your skills without wasting time. Anyone can be good at dating – anyone. All that matters is getting those reps in (watch our FB Live Video with Baya Voce for more on this, the link is later on in this newsletter). All you have to do is practice practice practice. The time needed to invest into your dating skillset is a fraction of what it’s ever been or ever will be. Go ham.

Pro tip: Weird, unique, unconventional ideas offer a great foundation for breaking the ice on a first date. It gives you something else to focus on and talk about. Use this to your advantage.

Where to host your video date: Zoom is our best suggestion. It’s super easy to set up and your date can join you for a drink at the click of a button. If you already use Zoom for work, we suggest creating a new account just for your dates.



Guess what? Dating isn’t cancelled!

Now you can speed date from the comfort of your own home and still connect with singles from your city in a real way – chatting, smiling, laughing and having fun – all on video-chat.

Here’s what’s coming up:

April 4th: IT’S COCKTAIL HOUR! We have multiple digital speed dating events happening on Zoom for ages 28-42 in all 5 of our operating cities. Click here to learn more.

As we are in a testing period, we don’t have events for other Life Stages and age groups just yet but if you’re interested, pls reply and let us know! Many more events will be posted this month so keep an eye out for the invitations.


Saturday mornings at 10:30AM

Fb Live BTS image

Mark your calendars and join us on Saturdays with your morning cup of joe. Dashing Date owner, matchmaker and dating strategist, Kavita Ajwani, will be hosting Facebook Lives every Saturday morning in April for a four-part series on different dating topics aimed to help you during this period of physical distancing and beyond!

Here’s the schedule:

  • April 4th at 10:30 AM: Online dating – PROFILES 101 – How to create an awesome and engaging profile.

  • April 11th at 10:30 AM: Online dating – COMMUNICATION & PROCESS – How to get better matches and enjoy the dating process.

  • April 18th at 10:30 AM – Topic TBD

  • April 25th at 10:30 AM – Topic TBD

What you need to know:

  • You can easily access these live videos from our Facebook Page. Here’s the link: www.Facebook.com/DashingDate

  • It’s all free!

  • An email will go out announcing the Live 24-48 hours before.

  • If you have FB, please show your support and “Like” our page!

  • If you don’t have FB, you can still watch, just come to our page at the start time.

  • Feel free to invite your friends to watch along with you.

  • Watching in real time is fun and you can get your questions answered by Kavita.

  • If you miss the Live event, you can catch the replay any time on our FB Page.

Replay recent videos:

  • “Dating while social distancing Part 1” – Click here to watch (and feel free to skip the first 2.5 mins).

  • “Dating while social distancing Part 2, interview with thought-leader in human connection, Baya Voce” – Click here to watch (and feel free to skip the first 13 mins. We had technical difficulties and wound up moving over to Zoom, however you can still hear the interview perfectly and Baya gave our audience a touching and interactive experience that’s totally worth the listen).

What people said about our (digital) speed dating events!

Digial Blind Date

“I thought it was well organized, great how everyone was separated into chat rooms, we received notification when time was almost up, the person’s name was at the bottom of the screen. Very much like an in person date without the need to go out. Also matches were communicated very efficiently.” – Ottawa

“The organization and getting into the one-on-one dates was great. It felt pretty easy to navigate the system.” – Montreal

“This was awesome! I would attend more of these even if I wasn’t stuck at home! Thanks for acting so fast and giving us a way to stay connected. I’ve even had a follow up video-chat date with one of my matches.” – Ottawa

The Quote We’re Still Thinking About: “Together is a wonderful place to be.” — Unknown

If you tried a monthly challenge, were inspired by something we shared, or there’s something specific you’d like to see more of from us, there’s nothing like real human interaction. So, LET’S TALK! Send us an email and a real human from our team will be happy to connect with you.

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