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April 2019 – This Just In…

April 2019 – This Just In…


MONTHLY NEWSLETTER: Here’s what’s happening Behind The Scenes at Dashing Date!

Monthly Challenge

It’s April which means Spring is officially here (even though some of us are still seeing snow but hey… we’re proud Canadians!) and what often comes paired with this time of year is an annual Spring cleaning. But Spring cleaning is about more than just tidying up and decluttering. In addition to clearing out your physical spaces, it’s also a chance to clear out your digital devices.

This is important because it’s unhealthy to hold onto things that no longer serve you and you may not even realize that this is the kind of stuff that may be keeping you from seizing great opportunities. So! Your challenge is to pick up your phone and clear out any of the following that apply to you:

Photos: Duplicates (choose your ONE fave among the countless nearly-identical perfectly posed pics), blurry images, screenshots, and, of course, all photos of ex’s!

Apps: Anything that you haven’t used in over 6 months. Pay close attention to your dating apps.

Texts: Old and stale conversations with ex’s or people from dating apps that didn’t work out. Pay special attention to ones that you may be hanging on to for the wrong reasons.

Instagram / Facebook feeds: UNFOLLOW, UNFOLLOW, UNFOLLOW! And don’t feel an ounce of guilt. Stop following people or accounts whose posts don’t serve you anymore or with whom you find yourself playing the comparison game.

Upcoming Events: 

We’re thrilled about our April events because they are fresh and totally new!

For starters, we’re proud to introduce our very first Speed Dating event for Foodies called EPICURIOUS! This event is happening on both April 11th and 12th for different Life Stages (Ready for Love and Fantastic Forties). Find all the details by clicking here.

Next, we are doing a Special Morning Edition Speed Dating event on Saturday, April 27th which will be paired with a delicious brunch! We’ve combined Life Stages, Ready for Love and Curious and Courageous for this event. Learn more about BRUNCH-DRUNK-LOVE here.


We have a new login feature on our website so all members must now log in to purchase tickets. While this may not be the most exciting news, it’s the first step to some pretty cool features that you’re going to love!

Also, since Dashing Date events are for approved members only, this is an added layer of screening.

If you haven’t done so already, click here to create an account. Make sure to use the same email address as you did with your screening profile.


Most Popular Recent Instagram Post: 

IG Post April

Last month’s most popular Instagram post was taken by one of our clients at a speed dating event she was at. If you ever take any pics at our events, we’d love to see them, so share share share!

 Visit our Instagram page to see more like this.

Our Instagram Page is updated with multiple weekly posts that are hand-selected or created, and paired with insightful captions that aim to help you meet someone! Make sure to Follow Us: @DashingDate

The Quote We’re Still Thinking About: “Change is the healthiest way to survive”. – Karl Lagerfeld

If you tried a monthly challenge, were inspired by something we shared, or there’s something specific you’d like to see more of from us, there’s nothing like real human interaction. So, LETS TALK! Send us an email and a real human from our team will be happy to connect with you.

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