Sunday, April 23rd, 2017


Boozy Brunch Mixer 

Montreal | Toronto Event 1 | Toronto Event 2

Ottawa | Vancouver | Calgary

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Montreal | Toronto Event 1 | Toronto Event 2

Ottawa | Vancouver | Calgary



Hakuna Mimosa means it’s brunch time! Wake up to a fun morning out filled with mimosas, delicious eats, and good conversation. Come mingle with some fresh faces and start your Sunday off with a bang. We’re ready for an eggcellent time. Are you?


Why a Mixer?

We know dating is hard and meeting someone you like is even harder. At our dating events, you will meet well presented, fun, normal, eligible singles who are within your preferred age group. We are providing you, hands down, the most effective way to meet your next date, all the while enjoying a fun morning out! This event is a singles mixer and brunch, professionally hosted and organized by Dashing Date


What are the age groups and where are the events being held?

Montreal (Ages: 25-38) – Bier Market 

Toronto Event 1 (Ages: 24-34) – MUV Bar 

Toronto Event 2 (Ages: 40 Somethings) – MUV Bar 

Ottawa (Ages 25-38) – The Soca Kitchen

Vancouver (Ages: 30 Somethings) – La Pentola

Calgary (Ages 30 Somethings) – TBD

*For venues marked as TBD, trendy hotspots that are centrally located are guaranteed! Click here to view a list of our current partnered venues. Your event may very well be taking place at one of them.


What type of people will I meet?
We target single professionals who are attractive, well presented and normal!


How many people will I meet?
Speed Dating: 16-30 guests in total, so you will meet 8-15 people of the opposite sex.


What are the age groups?
The age groups may vary from city to city. Please double check the age group and venue for your city before registering.


How long will the event last?
About 2.5 hours.


How much is it?

This event is a singles mixer and sit-down brunch professionally hosted and organized by Dashing Date. The entrance fee of $20- $25 is for the event but does not include food. All guests participating must order brunch from a fixed menu and will be billed individually at the event. There is no speed dating at this event. Discounts are offered in most cities when two or more tickets are purchased together.


How do I attend?
Tickets need to be purchased online via Eventbrite and in advance. Space is limited. For alternate payment methods, please contact us.


More Questions? View our full FAQ here or Email us at hey@DashingDate.com for a quick response or to schedule a chat by phone with a Dashing Date rep.

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